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Get the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer to enjoy a superior browsing support and have access to the verities of content available online. We are in a continuous quest to provide you an end-to-end support to enrich your browsing experience.

Our team of expertise are equipped the latest knowledge and hands on experience to let you avail the evolved internet browsing. Our team of experts helps to educate the users to know the in-depth applicability of the Internet Explorer browsing. These help in using the updated Microsoft Internet Explorer to make the most of the different sites and a vast database, the internet is offering. Avail our services online and in-person, to enrich your browsing experience, using the latest version of the Microsoft Internet Explorer. We are available 24 x 7, so that you are not stuck with any technicalities. However, we encourage the internet users to remain abreast with the changing features of the internet browsers.

As Windows 7 is one of the most preferred OS in the Windows platform, the Microsoft Internet Explorer has updated to the Version 11, in the year 2013. With this, the browser has made certain modifications in its features.

Scope of service

New features introduced in Version 11 to enhance your internet browsing experience:

  • Most advanced and unique developers tool set on F12
  • Browser is equipped with WebGL support
  • In-built CSS Flexbox support
  • Enhanced full screen mode and orientation APIs
  • Extended touch-based device support


Some of the features removed to make the browser practical and easy to use:

  • Decrypted document all, where the code checker will not detect, but the code that runs it will continue to do so
  • Attached event has been removed
  • Quick tab that is CTRL+Q has been removed
  • Work offline command has been removed from the file menu

To keep your browsing experience attuned with the modern developments, visit and be abreast with the technological advancement. Get your browsers improved and enjoy an advanced browsing with our technical expertise apt to fetch you the technical edge.

Recently Answered Questions

Q. Why my internet explorer browser hangs up and crashes ?

A. This is the most common browser issue. The main reason for it is low ram, large number of tabs and some times unresponsive cookies and java scripts.

Q. Do i have to purchase a browser ?

A. No. A browser is an application that is provided free of cost(most of the time) and you have to pay only for the support. We provide complete support from browser installation, configuration and uninstallation of any browser on any operating system.

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