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Cyberbullying is one of the most wicked kind of online attack that one encounters in the virtual world. Here, attacker takes advantage of victims’ personal uncertainties and weaknesses in order to cause them emotional embarrassment and harm. On the other hand, the attacker hides his true identity in the online world. Cyberbullying generally includes sending the victim menacing messages or posting embarrassing photos or videos on social media platforms of the victim, or even designing fake post related to the victim. According to research and experts’ reviews, the impacts of cyberbullying can be disturbing and even incurable. In this blog, all information about cyberbullying is mentioned from the experts of Webroot Support.

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Source of Cyberbullying

The place from where real-world harassment comes is also the source of Cyberbullying. People like to show some kind of power and raise their social repo by harming and harassing others, particularly if the other person is weaker in status. Cyberbullies post secretly, mask themselves in the online world or sometime use their genuine identities as they know that no one can physically confront them. Most cyberbullies post things that they don’t have the courage to express in the real life.

How to identify Cyberbullying?

Any kind of hurtful, discouraging, or bullying message sent through an electronic means is termed as cyberbullying. It also consists embarrassing photos or texts posted on social websites like Facebook, YouTube or Twitter without permission. Fake websites or profiles that try to expose or access credentials is also considered as cyberbullying. While the mediums and tools used for cyberbullying can appear simple to judge, the most annoying thing is the combatting of cyberbullying.  All this remain hidden because the victim is anxious of getting ashamed or is frightened to admit the wrong which was done to ruin his or her reputation.

How to stop Cyberbullying?

As long as narrow minded, selfish, ungenerous people are present, it seems doubtful whether we’ll ever stop facing cyberbullying. It can be hard to stop the cyberbullies creating posts, websites, pictures, or videos that assault the target as it requires a lengthy, difficult method to remove that content. And by that point, the post is viral and several copies are made, which means it’s almost impossible to remove this post for any good.

Tips from Webroot Tech Support to prevent Cyberbullying

  1. Inform about cyberbullies to the service, like Facebook or Twitter
  2. Avoid using accounts cyberbullies use to spread hateful posts
  3. Secure all your devices with strong passwords

Secure yourself against Cyberbullying

Anyone having a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and uses WhatsApp, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and YouTube, can become a victim of cyberbullying. Obviously, avoiding social media websites would be a great means to avoid any cyberbullying act, but that’s quite impossible. It’s better to just keep discussing with the people in your life and inspire them to ask for guidance if they find themselves attacked by the cyberbullies. And remember, the fear of internet bullies is quite short and it’ll pass with time. Also, keep all your passwords secured with Webroot Passwords. Do not get depressed with cyberbullying, consult about it with your friends, relatives, parents and cyber experts.