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This blog about the App store is specifically to aid the parents in safeguarding their kids owing iPhone. The highly-skilled Apple Tech Support experts are well aware of the pain the guardians in the present era have to bear when their teens start using unwanted or false apps. That’s why, today, this blog by those knowledgeable professionals is here to aid the parents of iPhone users.         

However, both the Apple & Android phones have their respective ‘App stores’ from where the users can select and download several applications. But as here our concern is related to the youngsters owning Apple devices, we’ll discuss the ‘store’ related to this brand.

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What is an App Store?

Developed & upheld by Apple Inc., the app store of this famous brand is a digital distribution platform comprising mobile apps based on the iOS operating system. The identity that App store owns varies as per the devices. For example – if it is associated with Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, & any other, then its name is “iTunes App Store”. Whereas, in the case of Google, it is known as the Google Play Store. Well! The history of App store is so vast that explaining it here is a little bit difficult. Moreover, to get the answer to the question mentioned in ‘title’ of this blog, this much information about the store is enough. So, leaving all extra things, let’s jump onto the vital reasons on ‘why there is a need to turn off the app store’. 

Why Do You Need to Disable the App Store? 

If you are still not able to make the correct decision, don’t worry, the below three reasons will let you know ‘why turning off the app store’ is a good idea’.

Shall we start…?

3 Remarkable Reasons to Disable the App Store  

  1. For Preventing your Kids from Circumventing the Parental Controls: Being a responsible parent, you must be concerned about the security of your teens when they are online. Because of this, you set and configure parental controls or other monitoring software on their devices. Well! This is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your youngsters’ online activities thus keeping them away from unwanted problems. However, if you don’t disable the app store, your kids can download any other browser thus circumventing the monitored one.
  2. Keeping Teens Away from Watching the Things You Don’t Like Them To: However, the Apple Technical Support mavens have not detected the outright pornography. But they say that the app store holds some apps that should not be seen by young kids. Even the phrases and words describing the apps are not appropriate and can put a wrong impact on the youngsters who read them. So, this is the second reason that indicates the importance of turning the app store off.
  3. To Avoid Facing Financial Losses:  In-app purchases may lead to a number of troubles. Kids are kids, they don’t think about the charges their parents have to pay in return of the apps they purchase. They just download what they like and this outcomes in issues of facing the monthly deduction in the credit card balance of parents for apps their teens have downloaded. Hence, there is a need to disable the kids’ access on app store & in-app purchases.

Conclusion: So, these were clear reasons. Hope, after going through them, you have understood the importance of disabling the app store on your kids’ device. The same reasons apply to the app store of Android gadgets. If you want to learn the step-by-step process of ‘disabling the App Store on your kids’ iPhone’, contact our Apple Support experts.