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Clicking photos is a craze among the people around the world, be it from a dedicated camera or a smartphone. People click, upload, and share a lot of photos, but do all of them know that clicked images pack in a lot of personal data like resolution of the photo, date of capture, location & GPS info, flash data, etc. and all the information is featured around the camera unit (camera maker, model, F-stop, exposure time, ISO speed, aperture, flash etc.).

EXIF Data from Photos

The data that is stored in the photos is called metadata or EXIF data (Exchangeable Image File Format) of photos. This EXIF data can be useful to sort or filter images. It means if you post a photo online, a lot of your personal data will be public along with the photo. Although there are many social media sites that remove EXIF data when you upload a photo, but there are many that keep the EXIF data intact with the photo.

So, if you don’t want share any information like location, date, time, and much more, you can edit or remove EXIF data from your photos. Here is the method how to edit or remove EXIF data from photos on different platforms:


Mac users can easily view EXIF data on their system, but to remove it from the photos, they need to take the help of a third party app to remove EXIF data. Just open the photo in the Photos app and hit the info icon to view EXIF data of a photo. It will show the EXIF data including details around the camera and the location of the image.

To remove EXIF data from the photos, you need to download and install third party software. They are easy to use and often you just need to drag & drop image files into the app and app will automatically remove the EXIF data from the photo and replace the original photo from the new one to remove before saving it. It will avoid any problems with duplicate photos.


Windows includes a native method for removing and editing EXIF data from photos. To do so, right click on a picture, and then go to properties. There will be the “Details” tab; there you will find the EXIF data. You can either remove or edit the data by clicking on “Remove Properties and Personal Information“.

Otherwise, you have third party apps to edit or remove all the details. They are easy to use. Some of them allow you to remove EXIF data of multiple photos at once.


Disable the geotagging feature if you don’t want that your Android device save your GPS info while taking photos. Turn off “Save location” on your Android by going to settings of the camera app that come pre-installed on Android smartphones. Or go to Settings->Apps->Camera->Permissions and disable “Location”. Otherwise, there are many apps for Android platform to remove or edit EXIF data of photos.


Like Android, iPhone or iPad users can prevent the camera app on their devices from taking up geotags. To do that, go to iOS Settings->Privacy->Location Services, tap on “Camera” and select “Never“.

If you just want to remove the EXIF data while sharing pictures and otherwise want to save it, you can use the Metadata Remover software. Such apps are easy to use and will save a duplicate picture without the EXIF data.

If any user don’t want to use a third party app to remove EXIF data on any of the platforms, one of the easiest way is, take a screenshot of the image because screenshots don’t have any EXIF data. Screenshots avoid the need of using different photo editing apps to edit images and remove EXIF data. Your captured screenshot will be without any metadata. There are not so many comprehensive choices to edit or remove EXIF data from photos on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

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