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Facebook has over 1.39 billion monthly active users and that is what make it the world’s largest social network. Therefore, the company started working on networking hardware initiative to provide the connectivity to people. The Facebook has launched the project on this 6 July and the company named this hardware project OpenCellular.


Earlier this year, Facebook also intended to share its Telecom Infra Project (TIP) design specifications with other companies. Facebook introduced Terragraph and Aries hardware projects in the month of April this year and OpenCellular is build on these projects. Facebook OpenCellular is a different hardware network because it may prove a low-cost means for network service providers to expose the speeds of a variety of wireless and cellular internet connection in both urban and rural settings.

If the two projects Terragraph and Aries are discussed separately, Terragraph focused exclusively on urban deployments, whereas, with the Aries, Facebook is trying to find out how that it may “provide backhaul for OpenCellular”. One of the engineers of the project OpenCellular wrote in his email that the system could be configured purely as a cellular access point or as network-in-a-box because of its on-board computing and storage capacity.

So the hardware design of OpenCellular is not only very flexible, but durable also. Facebook have tried to design an innovative mounting solution that can withstand extreme temperatures, handle high winds, and rugged climates in every sort of communities across the world. The spokesperson of Facebook told that users only one person is enough to deploy this device at a range of heights be it a tall tree or a pole only a few feet off the ground.


Like the Google’s parent company Alphabet, Facebook also worked on its networking system but did not promote its applications through its networking system. But Facebook did it in a smart way and use this strategy indirectly. It targeted those people who use the Internet more and who use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and such applications too much.

Facebook tested its project with its team first inside its lab. All the employees of the lab have managed to use it for making phone calls, texting, and consuming data over 2G connections. Currently many big names from different countries like South Korea, Germany, and U.K. are in their list and next, Facebook will make a trial Up with members of TIP.

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