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7 Best Music Player Apps for Linux

Listening to music is not only a way of entertainment; it’s a way life for many people. It’s not a very simple task to find a good music app because there are thousands of potential players out there. There are 8 different music players which...

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Common Security Flaw in Hard Drives

You never know from where you can viruses and other infections. If you’re a computer user and own an external hard drive, it may also be a reason to get infected with malware, spyware, Trojans, etc. External hard discs may have. multiple serious security flaws...

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6 Potential Alternatives of Android Backup Apps

Being an Android user, you must be aware about the fact that it’s very important to keep the backup of your smartphone’s data always. Physical devices may lose, break down, or hijack. There are a number of reasons to backup your data, but no reason...

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