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Windows 10 Update Switch is a portable freeware for Windows 10 devices which is designed to set any network connection block the automatic download of Windows updates on a Windows 10 computer. It has been noticed that Microsoft force Windows updates to all Windows 10 machines whereas on some devices, it is better to delay or block those updates.  While there are some options to block updates or delay them, those need usually some Registry hacking or Group Policy access. Windows 10 Home users specifically experience issues in this regard because of the Group Policy Editor not being part of the operating system.


On top of that, Windows 10 Home users don’t have defer upgrade option. Though, defer upgrade option does not block updates completely, but it delays the updates by giving you about four months in which feature updates. Although, it is also not a reliable option if you disable the Windows Updates service because operating system may turn the service on again eventually.  So there is an option known as Windows 10 Update Switch which is designed to block Windows Updates.

Windows 10 Update Switch is a portable application available for free which is shipped with two choices to tame Windows Update on any computer running on Windows 10. The first option toggles the Windows Update service and turn off the update for a limited period of time. This option doesn’t block updates from being deployed indefinitely on the PC. In this scenario, second option can be worth to try for setting any connection to metered.

It will have a number of effects if you set a connection to metered. Setting It on network connection reports Windows that bandwidth is expensive, either because of a quota as you pay per Megabyte or Gigabyte transferred, or your Internet connection is slow and the machine require bandwidth for those tasks which have greater priority. As a result, it disables the feature of automatic download of Store app updates and Windows updates.

It will also block tiles from being updated, disable peer to peer uploading of updates, and may impact have certain programs or apps on the PC. Setting a connection to metered will block updates efficiently in anyway, but there is a limitation. Microsoft has made this option available only for Wi-Fi and Mobile connections, not for Ethernet connection. So if your Windows 10 devices are connected through an Ethernet cable, you cannot get the advantages of metered connections.

However, there are some third-party programs which supports setting the Ethernet (and Wi-Fi) connection as metered. If you have installed one such application, it will link to the tool from its interface to modify the preferences in the Registry. Once that is out of the way, check the Ethernet box in Windows 10 Update Switch for setting the Ethernet connection to metered.

Windows 10 Update Switch is a useful tool which is used to toggle Windows Update, means it is used to set any connection to metered or unmetered. Although this application relies on a third-party program that you need to install on your machine if you are using an Ethernet connection and you required any help while installing it, you can contact In2pcfix technicians for the help. Our experts will provide complete support for Windows 10 update.