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When it comes to passwords for security, an average Internet user contains around 20 different accounts, but only has 5 different passwords to use them. This is a shocking statistic as it leaves almost all online accounts of user’s weakness to hackers and password thefts.

Now, we came to know that creating strong passwords that are hard to reveal have a downside to them – they are basically hard to remember. Passwords with lowercase and lowercase letters, special characters, and numerical characters are hacker proof but need a great amount of energy to recollect, particularly with so many different accounts and passwords to keep track of. In addition, if you physically write your passwords down, it kind of opposes the whole purpose anyway. If someone is able to access that data, it would be disastrous.


The best way to use in such conditions is already out there, and it simply depends on you as to which password manager tool you select, and how simply you are using it. Just put, a password manager is an application that you can use on your device or smartphone and lets you generate, organize, and recall all your passwords. These passwords are encrypted and saved by these password managers and a single master password is required to access your account from any machine or anywhere. With that in mind let’s look at some of the great password managers around, what features they give, and why you should think using one.

What are the latest password managers present in the market?

When it comes to selecting and picking some of the best password managers present in the market, a quick Google search will throw up a number of results. This can simply make you very confusing, so here are some of the latest password managers that you should ideally be looking at.

  • Dashlane
  • LastPass
  • KeePass
  • RoboForm
  • 1Password

These 5 password managers, have pretty much all the facilities you require, and you really should not be looking anywhere else.

What features are provided by the best password managers?

When opting which password manager is most reliable for you, here are a few features and advantages that you should look out for. Consider your usage pattern and make an informed choice. If you know someone who is already applying a password manager, you can ask them for their choice and feedback as well. Here are the features your ideal password manager should contain.

Password Generator – Your password manager must have a one-click option to generate a tough to crack the password that contains several character types. This will be beneficial when you open a new account and require forming a new password.

Safe Notes – This feature lets you save any vital data, other than passwords for your accounts, in an encrypted manner. Examples of such data are debit/credit card details, insurance renewal details, Wi-Fi passwords or any other vital data.

Form Filling – Password generators should also offer form filling facilities. Whenever you reach a page wherein you have to fill up personal data such as your contact details, name, address etc., the password manager can simply fill that out for you.

Secure Sharing – The best password manager should also allow you to safely share your list of the password with someone you wish. This can be sent to them in several formats and really helps make a difference in multiple ways.

Multiple PC Support – Today, anyone who is on the Internet has numerous gadgets and platforms to keep a track of. If a single password manager can flawlessly work across all these platforms, then that is a great advantage to have. This is something that should definitely form the basis of which password manager to select.

Multiple Browser Extensions – A password manager that works on numerous web browsers is also a great tool to have. This way, you can entrée your passwords irrespective of position, machine or browser.

In addition to these features, it also helps in carrying out any audits of your current passwords and offers a rating on their suitability and strength. This way you can check out which of your passwords are vulnerable and need to be recreated in order to be safe. In addition, password managers should also keep track of password hijacks and leaks over the Internet and automatically remove passwords for accounts of services that have been compromised.

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