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The Visitor Data on United States Government website reported that Windows 10 has successfully overtake the Windows 7. Nevertheless, gradually it was noted that the piece of information was twisted for the Microsoft consumers. After analysing the actual report gained from different sources, the result that came out to be a bad news for Microsoft. The company’s latest desktop operating system that is Windows 10 fails to beaten up its older version Windows 7. The data occupied from online sources reveals the figure that says there is enough gap between Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Windows 10 Operating System Technical Support

Windows 10 Operating System Technical Support

Considering the growth rate data, by the end of the year Windows 10 was about to exceed its market share than Windows 7. Microsoft exposed 600 million users for Windows 10 in November and was recognizing an increase in that data if considered to be the past months. According to that, it was assumed that the number will increase to 800 million users. If believed Windows 7 lost .04% of market shares in December and now have 43.08% of shares. Whereas, Windows 10 has received an increase in shares of .98% but now has slanted down to 32.93%. Whereas other versions of Windows are still available in the market, like Windows XP at 5.18% and Windows 8.1 at 9.21% of shares.

Aforementioned statistics will provide estimated hints about the likings of the users, though it is not a clear graph until, Microsoft reveals the original data.

Does Upgraded Version of Windows 10 received any appraisal?

We all have noticed that Windows 10 has come up with major changes but still it hasn’t takeover its predecessor Windows 7. Some of the major changes of Windows 10 are photo app feature that allows a perfect app for checking out pictures, creation of personalized videos using your own media and more. The performance of the app though is deprived a bit than other video editor tools still it is used to create basic videos. Additionally, its been noted a major failure in the Windows 10 operating system.

Another was a privacy issues that was continuously occurring into the operating system where is has started to ask inbuilt tester to their phone numbers. Early in December, it was reported that while you are doing a fresh install into the Windows 10 inbuilt 17063, a user can directly go to the screen but it may require the user to enter their phone number and this option do not come up with the skip button. Since the operating system has upgraded with the older version, a user needs to struggle while performing some major steps.

Window 10 Customer Support to fix the Start-up Repair issue

Even if you have followed all the instructions with the upgrade version of the operating system, it is still encountering the issues in completing the entire process. Additionally, many a times a user want to keep the automatic update from installing again, they may encounter issues in such case as well. If you encounter any issue in run the start-up repair on Windows 10 operating system or if the start repair fails, read the entire message that display on your screen simply contact Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Support/ Window 10 Support.

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