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Today, documentation is an important aspect of any business and most of the business technology consists of the invention, innovation, research, and other business-related phenomena. Business technologies are moving and changing at a rapid pace, hence it is not easy to find out which technology standards suit best to your business and are you able of deploying that in terms of investment. Every small activity and decision directly affects the performance and growth of the business are it a small decision like buying a printing device.

This document focuses on what aspects you need to keep in mind when it comes to buying printers. Your decision should be based on analytical approach including the important aspects like print quality, the volume of documents required to print, and much more. Think about the requirements, compare the sales price of the printer that you are looking for as it will give you a view about the requirement of extra features that you may need or looking for. Below a few points aspects are discussed that you can consider in order taking the right decision while buying the printer:



Everyone has an affordability limit and no one wants to go beyond that. But before picking up a cheap printer, evaluate the aspects like why it is available at such a low price whereas others are so expensive. There are certain reasons why expensive printers may not be affordable for you like an expensive printer will be low in maintenance and low priced printers are high in maintenance often.

Monochrome Laser or LED

Monochrome Laser or LED printers and scanners are good for printing spreadsheets, letters with little graphics, a few straight lines or a simple logo, and documents. Monochrome Laser or LED printers require low maintenance cost whereas the same doesn’t apply for colour laser printers as they are a step ahead from monochrome printer models. Of course, they are costlier than the monochrome printer.  If you buy a colour printer, your business needs to control the access to a colour printer to avoid its misuse or overdoing. Many a business is also using inkjet printers because of higher image resolution.


Analyze your Office Space and printing requirements before making a final decision. It will be better to analyze an average printing quantity per day as it will help you in understanding for long you don’t need to replace the cartridges or the device itself. Figure out which printing features you are looking for your printer. If you are the only user of your printer, better to choose between inkjet and laser printer. The machine will be slow or likely to have costlier replacements or refills if you print overriding features. Nowadays, wireless printers are in vogue than USB types.


Before buying a printer for your office, you need to calculate expected printing volume in order to figure out how much processing power, engine speed, and memory your printer should have. If there is a low printing quantity, a range of 20 ppm to 40 ppm is adequate, but a low-cost printer with a speed of fewer than 20 pages per minute will be quite slow. If there is a higher-volume use, you can buy a printer having the speed greater than 40 ppm and of course it will be higher in price.

Single-functional or multi-functional

There is no need of buying an MFP or all-in-one printer if you just need to print a simple and personal documents, but if it is your business requirement to digitize and share paper-based, you can select an MFP to make photocopies, create electronic images of documents,  and send them to others. There are some limitations of MFPs like too much printing, copying, scanning, and faxing demands could overpower it.

Cost of Toner and Ink

Over the time when your printer gets old, its maintenance cost may go higher as you may need to replace ink cartridges or toner materials. Do proper research before making a decision of buying a printer. A careful measure that you just need to keep in mind the thumb rule: High printer price = low maintenance cost and low printer price = high maintenance cost.

Approach to Buy Printers on Sale

It is not tough and costly to find a good printer for your business as there are so many deals available online on discounted price. You can find one or the other printer on sale. If you want to buy a good printer for your business and need support to install it, you may consult with the expert technicians.

If you are facing any types of problem while using a printer then feels free and contact our Printer Tech Support team who resolve the entire printer and other computer related issues instantly.