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Has your PC become slow with time? Or does it appear as if it is running in an ultra, slow motion video? This post provides data about some of the most common issues that slow down your PC with time.

Why can a Tortoise beat your Computer?

Needless Software

Oh look, a flashy video player. There’s no way we can escape from it. Our passion for installing software we see is one of the biggest reasons that inflate our PC and cause them to act poorly.slow-laptop


RAM is an important part of a PC. If your PC does not have enough of it, then it starts slowing down. As applications and programs are getting more technologically advanced, your PC needs more RAM juice than ever. In lack of proper RAM, the hard disk tries to fill in for the memory gap, and that is what keeps your device from doing well.

Too Many Startup Software Applications

There are numerous applications that by default begin when you boot your device. These are call startup applications, and they hog system resources like crazy. While most of these applications may be required, they must be used only when the requirement occurs. It’s like, the minute you reach for your toothpaste and brush, the water tap starts running.

Data Corruption

Another key reason that slows down PCs is data corruption. It can happen because of human error, hardware or software issues. When PC data gets corrupted, the affected PC tends to perform slow even for normal or lighter operations.

Lack of Defragmentation

A slow PC, in most situations, is a fragmented PC. Fragmentation takes place every time a file is modified, saved, or deleted. Now, all such modifications are saved in small bits across the hard drive. Now, these bits are not essentially placed closely and in a logical manner. So, when you want to access a modified file, the PC runs a search in random locations, and this affects its efficiency.


Malware is all that defines Trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, root kits, etc. Latest malware are no close to what they used to be in the earlier days. Malware of today can stay in sleep in your device for numerous months until it is the right time to hit. Some can hijack your device rendering it useless, until you give up certain amount of money. Not only these infected programs pose a huge risk to your monetary life, but they take a toll on your PC’s life as well. They do unwanted operations in the infected PC, making it quite slow and at times difficult to operate.

How Eset can help?

Eset is a one-click mode for slow and sluggish computers. Eset boosts your PC’s performance by getting rid of junk files, defragmenting the hard disk drive and killing needless startup programs. As far as malware is concerned, Eset Total Security provides multilayered security against such threats. And the good news is, Eset is an advanced inbuilt feature of Eset Total Security. In short, what you have with you is a full security suite that not only secures your computer but keeps it at its best. The innovative features of Eset make it one of the most liked Antiviruses.

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