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AVG latest product Internet Security keeps users’ PCs up to date with improved experience and protection from malwares.

AVG Internet Security cleans speeds up, and improves battery life of all PCs and laptops having Windows and it’s based on two decades of pioneering engineering and skill of getting the best out of PC. If you are a PC user, we’ll tell you what’s latest for 2017 and give other opponents a rundown of what makes AVG Internet Security a significant part of everyone’s computer.

Avg Phone Support

Avg Phone Support

Automatic Software Updater with AVG Internet Security

For this version, AVG Support moved beyond protection and speeding and looked at some of the major reasons for malwares, bugs, and safety problems like regular updates! Since keeping up with updates for all your software’s is tiresome, it’s no wonder that the research around 120 million customers found that 75% of software applications are out-of-date on user’s computers.

That’s why AVG Support created all new Automatic Software Updater that make sure and updates the most prominent applications user run on computers’ to fix loopholes, fix issues and even add new features to applications like Chrome, Java or Skype.

Here’s all new updated features added to the Automatic Software Updater by AVG Support

  • AVG Support for the most popular applications: including Adobe Reader, Skype, Flash malware protection or Chrome.
  • Peaceful mind: no more dealing with regular checking for updates manually or frustrating malware protection update software’s.
  • Works entirely automatically: no need to think about the painful installers, reboots or malware.
  • AVG Support Manage Software Updates: go the hands-on way if you select and manually check, update, download, and manage all your software updates, all on one screen.
  • AVG Support tells you about what’s new in your favorite applications.
  • Notifications: for complex software updates.
  • AVG Support adding more programs over time, all the time.

Which programs does AVG Internet Security support?

AVG Support has made sure that they support the most trustworthy and crucial applications like the:

Programs: WinZip 9, WinRAR Archiver, and 7-Zip File manager.

Interface and technologies: Adobe AIR, FoxIt Reader, Flash Player Plug In, VLC Media Player, Adobe Shockwave, GOM Media Player, Malware protection, Nero Media Home, Java Runtime Environment 6, 7 & 8, iTunes, DivX, Toll free phone number adjuster, Adobe Reader, Phone number finder and more!

Browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Where Automatic Software Updater by AVG Support is present in Internet Security?

If software is outdated you’ll get it under the fix problems category or you will get a notification on your device. Once clicked, you’ll see an entry for a list of outdated programs that you can update physically or flip a switch and have it be done entirely automatically.

IMPROVED: AVG Support Removes Slow PCs and malwares Issues

Is your computer device slowing down? Tired of engaging it to get things done? The latest release of AVG Support is Internet Security puts battery, network draining issues, malware protection and speed to give you that extra performance lift.

The new version of AVG Internet Security by AVG Support comes with an enhanced Sleep Mode, Malware protection kit earlier referred as Program Deactivator that stops inactive software’s from draining your PC, giving you back that new PC performance.

Sleep Mode enhance your PC by ending applications that you rarely use from quietly draining processor power, such as immediate messaging, phone number recorder, screen capture methods, toll free number catcher or driver control panels. In this new version for 2017, AVG Support has also combined the Startup Manager feature that identifies software that automatically runs when you turn your PC on with Sleep Mode. This sleep mode defines a single list of all the applications that are lowering your device’s performance, giving you smarter detection across even more software’s.

The Top Features & Advantages by AVG Support from Internet Security

AVG Internet Security keeps your PC running at top gear with proper malware protection. Get extra speed, longer battery life, Malware protection, less crashing, and more disk space, whether you go for the automatic recovery or want to take a more hands on skill.

Live Optimization feature helps keep your PC at top speed. Live Optimization works without any flaws in the background, continuously prioritizing all the applications that are running to boost loading speed and PC performance. For those who want that extra power, Turbo Mode turns off maximum applications procedures with just one click.

These are the top enhanced features offered by AVG Support:

Automatic Software Updater: daily checks & updates dozens of the most vital applications.

Live Optimization: continuously prioritizes all applications to deliver optimum performance.

Program Deactivator: lets resource-draining software’s and startup items to sleep and makes your gadget feel like new again.

Disk Cleaner: wipes malware to free up disk space from 100+ applications, such as the gaming platforms malware and popular applications like VMware.

Registry Cleaner: cleans up your device registry and helps you fix bugs.

Duplicate Finder: the new automatic selection helps you get rid of duplicate applications even faster than before.

Defragmentation: over the years your hard drive may have become slow down read & write access and cluttered. With AVG Support Disk Defrag you’ll bring order into chaos and speed up your device disk.

For any issues regarding AVG Support you can simply contact the AVG Internet Security customer care at AVG Support toll free number. The technician at AVG Support will assist you in a very easy manner on the phone and fix the issues by taking the remote access. The technicians here at AVG Support are highly skilled and are certified by the Microsoft only.