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Printers are the basic need in workplaces as well as homes and for each printer, the way of using is quite different so, for HP printers. No matter which HP printer model it is or how much you have spent to buy it, technical problems will definitely come on it. When technical problems appear on your printer you need to get them fixed as soon as you can.HP

The issues can of several types and solution for such can be of multiple types. No matter what the tech problem is that you are facing in your HP Printer get connected with experts at HP Printer Tech Support toll-free number. What is the common and regularly occurring problem in your HP printer? Yes, you guessed it correct! It is the problem of Paper jam. Before going to the fixing method let’s take a glance of the suggestions that can stop paper jam problem in your printer:

  • Do not overfill the input tray.
  • Before loading new paper in your input tray, take away other papers that are already present in the input tray.
  • Press on the bundle of new papers on a flat area in order to align the edges, and then go for putting the new paper.
  • Now, adjust the paper’s width and length.
  • Keep check on that the input tray is firmly in place.
  • Try not to add or eliminate papers from the input tray when the printer is in the printing method.
  • Avoid fanning the paper before placing in the tray as when you fan the papers it causes static electricity making the pages stick jointly.
  • Try to use the papers that are suggested by HP Printer.
  • Don’t let the paper get bundled in the output tray. The paper quality, as well as the amount of toner used, affects the tray ability.
  • Don’t open the print cartridge door while the printing process is taking place.
  • Make it your priority to check that the power cord is strongly connected with both the device and the power supply.
  • Do not print on damaged paper or the paper on which paper clips, staples or folds are present.
  • Always place the paper in a moisture proof wrapping to keep it is an environment which is not too dry or moist.

Now, let’s move towards the solution that you require to go through while facing the problem of the paper jam. Here it is:

Step one: Take away any loose paper present there in the tray first.

Step two: Clear the paper jam.

Step three: Reset your HP printer device.

Step four: Reload papers

Step five: Make sure the print settings of your printer are correct.

Step six: Now, remove any dust present from the cartridge area of your printer.

Step seven: do timely service of your printer.

Although, the problem of the paper jam is not a big problem resolving it is bit tricky and at any time you get stuck in it don’t hesitate to contact technicians of HP Printer. No matter how tough it is or how difficult it is to fix your HP printer tech issue these technicians are always there to help you with the solution you require for your concern tech issue. So call now and get your printer issue fixed easily. Most of the times the technicians will fix the issue by giving you small instructions, but if the issue is still there, then remote access is the best way to fix it.