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Technology is changing day by day, at a very high speed. Those who are not updating themselves are totally rejected by the people. Video calling feature has become quite popular among the people and many big companies are working on it. Top applications like Viber, Hike, Skype, IMO are already providing this feature. Whatsapp a major social application has introduced this feature. Millions of people are using WhatsApp, but as we know to compete with your rivals, changes are required. WhatsApp is an international cross-platform. Today, it is owned by the Facebook and has officially launched video calling for its over one billion users on Android, Windows phone, and iOS.


The voice call feature was already present in the WhatsApp and that was a great success for them. The feature will be offered on Android, iPhone, and Windows gadgets.  The CEO & Co-Founder of the WhatsApp was quite delighted during its launch. He stated that video calling is one of the most demanded features from the people of India. We’re highly satisfied to have the opportunity to present this feature in India. In India, only 160 million people, are happily using the WhatsApp. The best part of this feature is that people will use WhatsApp to talk to their loved ones and friends face to face. In the beginning of this month, WhatsApp showed the video calling feature for their users who were connected with its Android Beta Program. When the people came to know about the beta version of Android and on windows phone, they got an indication that it is going to be available publicly.

The feature works in a similar manner to the earlier voice calling feature. After selecting the person you want to call, the user will have to press the calling button that will give them the chance of making either a video or a voice call.

The introduction of video calling will help the WhatsApp to compete with other video calling applications such as the Google Duo app. Similarly to WhatsApp, the Duo is also connected to a user’s phone number for doing and receiving video calls. But, the company did not discuss all if the video calls on WhatsApp will be encrypted or not. In the beginning of this year, the WhatsApp started providing end-to-end encryption on all messages sent from this platform. Only the sender and receiver would be able to access the messages or read content sent via WhatsApp.

Not only the messages, but the calls are also encrypted end to end. This scheme of encryption has been established in partnership with Open Whisper Systems.

This encryption means that no one else apart from the receiver and the sender, not even WhatsApp employees can access the messages. They don’t have any kind of access to the videos, pictures, WhatsApp documents sent via the popular messagWhatsApp. With one of the biggest user base in the world, this method of encryption means that more than a billion people can connect without exposing their data dropping into wrong hands.