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With the digitization of everything, today’s world has been completely digitized and it contains enormous amount of data and information flowing from one source to another. It is not only difficult, but also costly too to define the ownership and originality of a huge number of assets and track it. Blockchain technology has provided a solution to this problem as it can be used to prove and provide global security and authenticity for every kind of transactions and data. It is the technology going to make data ‘tamper-proof’ along with reducing cost and complexities of centralized systems.

It will not only protect your data and prove its authenticity, but also going to be source of more secure Internet. With the inclusion of this technology, it will be easy to build a better web for all of you, as IPFS will be a replacement for http. It is going to revolutionize the banking industry and will significantly minimize the requirements for intermediaries and back office function.  Although the building blocks of blockchain technology are around for many years, but application of building blocks into Blockchain technology is in experimental phase.

The idea that Blockchain technology use is to create and record a public “ledger” of transactions, which are linked chronologically and they cannot be edited or deleted. Each Blockchain or record is time-stamped and verifiable. By validating all copies of the ledger, attributing data to an irrefutable identity, providing tamper-proof security, and ensuring full availability, this technology ensures data integrity. Blockchain startups have started working on applications for financial services offering companies and focusing on:

  • Making crypto-currencies available to customers
  • Rendering support for crypto-currency-related financial services
  • Monitoring and settling mainstream and digital financial assets in a cryptographically secure environment.
  • Reducing a number of intermediaries and complexities by streamlining transaction processes

Not only financial service providing company, Blockchain technology has numerous other potential uses across various government functions and industries like real estate, law enforcement, healthcare, and the judicial system.

Acronis, a well-known vendor for data protection vendor has started an initiative to develop applications using the same technology. As a result of the research and efforts made by the team of Acronis developed a new commercial software called Acronis Notary using the Blockchain technology to provide data security, authenticity, and control. Although, the software is in its testing stage, but soon it will be available to the customers for use.  Acronis has shown the demo of the software and introduce it to the world.

The demo depicts that how Acronis Notary’s inbuilt Blockcahin technology verifies and protects data with certificates and timestamps of authenticity. The demo was to show how this tool work and make  end-user customers and service provider partners more familiar with the brand new technology. It is a great effort made by Acronis to use Blockchain technology for data protection. With this technology, Acronis is expanding its verticals by providing better data storage and file sync & share solutions.

How does Blockchain technology create a secure environment and protect your data from tampering?

Using this technology, data and transactions are processed to create unique signature which are verified by rules of consensus. Every time when you process new data, it records and can never be erased. To understand it in a better way, just think blockchain as an “append-only”’ ledger with transaction order that is being shared with many entities and each entity has the same copy of it. Each record in the ledger is immutable, time-stamped, and independently verifiable. Blockchain secured data is protected and verified on authenticity parameter as data is attributed to an irrefutable identity and verified by all copies of the ledger, which are always there and cannot be changed ever. There are many benefits that this technology brings in including:

  • Protection against insider attacks and Regulatory Transparency
  • Independent Verification and portability of Evidence
  • Prevents accidental and malicious alteration or tempering of data from going unnoticed
  • Regulators get indisputable and independent proof that the stored data has not been modified with an independent and granular audit trail for all stored data,
  • Even if the stored files and transactions are transferred elsewhere can be verified electronically and individually
  • Data records can be verified without reliance on any trusted human or organization, or chain of custody, or security of keys
  • Monitoring tools continuously perform periodic check of file integrity and sends alert in case of discrepancies
  • To monitor data integrity and guarantee validity at all times, it is optimized for long-term performance and scalability, efficient management, and easy upgrade.

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