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The internet has become a part and parcel of our daily routine; confirming internet connection in every device we have is a tedious task, when it comes to countries as India, where both cell phone internet and public Wi-Fi connection are yet to establish their base. In these cases, sharing internet connection by means of Wi-Fi hotspot feature makes enough sense. Although, Android phones render a direct way with hotspot and share your internet connectivity with several devices, there is no option in Windows PC, making the feature a little bit tough for non-tech users. This is exactly why we have come up with the list of top-class Wi-Fi hotspot software for your Personal Computer on the Windows platform.

Top-Class WiFi Hotspot Software for Windows PC

My WIFI Router

It is reliable software to make a Wi-Fi hotspot in your PC. The utility supports Windows 7, 8 and XP as well as 32 and 64-bit architecture. Besides, the tool comes with a big number of features like:

  • Simple management of connected devices
  • Capability to share your multimedia like videos and photos


It is a software-based Wi-Fi router that lets you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and even share connectivity you have in your system. The tool is easy to use and supports Windows 7. It has a user friendly interface and includes useful features as well. The highlight of this utility is that, it does not contain ads to spoil your experience. If you want a Wi-Fi hotspot creator, you must try MaryFi.


It is another easy-to-use and simple-in-terms-of-features device. The tool supports Windows 7, 8 and Windows server 2008. It works smoothly and:

  • You can use it to know which devices are connected to your hotspot.
  • You can use this tool like a Wi-Fi repeater to extend the signal of your home Wi-Fi.


With this simple-to-use tool, you can create a hotspot by giving a name for password, hotspot, maximum clients and source of internet. The software works with Windows 7/8. Two of its best features are:

  • The ability to know details about connected Wi-Fi users.
  • It grabs small amount of data and downloading.

Indeed, it is a best choice when you want to make a feature-rich hotspot without spending much time.


It is also a hotspot creation tool. Unfortunately, it has fewer features than other software. In spite of this, you can share your wired internet connection.

Connectify supports both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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