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Virus attacks are the most potent and vulnerable threat that computer user’s encounter with. Virus attacks hamper important work that you do on your computer involving data and documents. They carry the infections and leave them on user’s machine. In order to keep their computer safe against virus attacks, it is imperative for every computer user to be aware about what methods hackers and cyber criminals adopt. Computer users should be aware of which software and programs they need to install to keep their personal computers safe from attacks. In order to keep the computer systems free from infections and virus attacks, one must take every possible measure.  The top sources which are responsible of virus attacks are highlighted below:

Programs that You Download from the Internet

Computer programs that you download from the internet are possible sources of virus attacks. Unreliable sources and internet newsgroups are one of the main sources of computer virus attacks. Downloadable files, any type of executable program including freeware, games, screen savers, and other executable files are one of the best and major sources of virus attacks on computing devices. Executable files having an extension of “.com”, “.exe” and “coolgame.exe” also include infection and virus sources too. Before downloading any computer program off of the internet, it is important to scan it so that you can come to know if in case it has any virus and any other kind of infection.

Email Attachments

You should handle email attachments with extreme care because email attachments are one of the other popular sources that carry attack executing virus infections. You need to be extra careful if you receive any email from unknown resource. To eliminate the possibility of virus attack, it is a prime necessity to install a good antivirus. Before opening any email and its attachments, scan the email even if it comes from a known source because it may be possible that your friends have unknowingly forward you a mail that has a virus infection.

Cracked Software

Cracked Software programs are another source that cyber criminals use to perform virus attacks. There are many people who are unknown that they are downloading illegal and cracked versions of software online which may contain virus sources as well. Cracked files of illegal software and illegal files of cracked software contain bugs and viruses which are difficult to detect and remove. So it is suggested to you that always download software from the appropriate source and check its developer before installing it.

Internet-Best Possible Source of Viruses

You all may be aware of the fact that internet is one of the common sources of getting virus infection. Most of you know it that there is no point to stop accessing internet even though know that Internet is one of the most common source virus attacks. However, most of the computer users could not realise when viruses can attack on their computer systems, but most of the times online users invite and initiate attack when they click/download everything that comes their way. To avoid being victim of online threats and infections, don’t click on irrelevant links and keywords.

Booting from Unknown CD

An unknown CD may also be one of the other sources of executing virus attacks. Most of the computer users think that Data CD one of the most common ways of transferring virus infection so if you are not using your computer; it is a good practice to remove your CD after switching off the system. If you don’t switch off the computer system and remove the CD, it is every possibility that your computer may start to boot automatically from the disc.

Apart from the above-mentioned sources, file sharing network may be the possible sources of virus attacks. So to eliminate possibility of virus infection, it is important to delete the downloaded files from file sharing networks.

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