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Time is precious! Keyboard shortcuts are helpful to increase the productivity of Mac users. They not only save valuable time to complete a task, but they are just plain cool! At hand is a list of such Mac keyboard shortcut stuff you should always be at ease with.

Top 10 Mac Keyboard Shortcuts You Should Always Remember

  1. Command + Option + Control + Eject


By using the combination of Command + Option + Control + Eject, you can instantly shut down your Mac. It is a great time saver because it bypasses the shut down when you are using Apple menu> Shut Down. By pressing Command + Option + Eject, you can put your Mac to sleep.

  1. Command + Shift + A/U/D


These combinations of keys are used to navigate around the Finder. Press Command + Shift + A in an open Finder window, to open app folder. To open the utilities folder, press Command + Option + Shift + U. By using Command + Shift +D, you can open your desktop folder in the Finder.

  1. Command +Shift + I


If you are using the Safari Browser, then the combination (Command + Shift + I) will instantly create a new email message and paste the link of your browsing in the body of the text. It is best for sharing a website address with others via email.

  1. Control + D

Mac’s ‘Delete’ key doesn’t function as the delete key in Windows. To overcome this, you can use Control + D in any text area to delete from the front of the cursor.

  1. Command + Control + Option + 8


By using Command + Control + Option + 8, you can invert the colors on your Mac screen. Individuals with visual impairments are using this high contrast display to good effect. This shortcut may, at times, be useful while making April fool’s prank!

  1. Command +Control +D


During writing, we often need to speedily look up the meaning of a complicated word; nonetheless, it can be complex to open a dictionary and type the word we want to look for. Hence, there is a nice way to quickly open the dictionary. Press Command + Control + D, to open a dialog box with the defined word through in-built Mac OS X dictionary!

  1. Command + Shift + 4 + Space Bar


Press Command + Shift + 4 to grab a one-window screenshot. The cross hairs can change an image of a camera that can be placed at the top of window to be clicked. The resulting window-only screenshot will display on the Desktop.

  1. Command + Option + M

By pressing Command + Option + M, you can minimize all opened windows and de-clutter the screen. Indeed, it is among the best commands for all Mac users.

  1. Command + Shift + Option + Esc

Sometimes, Mac application can be unruly and crash. When it happens, you can click and hold Command + Shift + Option + Esc for 3-4 seconds to immediately Force Quit the application as well as bypassing the Force Quit app!

  1. Command + ‘

Command + Shift + Tab is a peerless way to cycle by all the multiple applications and open windows while you can use – Command + ‘, shortcut to cycle through all open windows in the active application!

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