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With so many offers going around, if you are planning to buy a new Android phone, or already purchased one recently, then you must think using these small tips to make sure that your mobile phone lasts you for a good time.

1.) First and prime tip, get a screen guard and a strong case

Nothing can let down you like an ugly scratch right in the middle of your glossy brand new phone.

2.) Charge your mobile phone properly

Most mobile user live in a fear of running out of battery. Most experts suggest keeping mobile phones charged between 40% and 80%. So, low charging inplace of daily charging all the way to 100%, helps keep the life of battery longer.


3.) Update the mobile phone OS

Update your Android’s operating system to the newest version whenever it is officially launched. Newest versions come with bug fixes for better performance, and better security.

4.) Avoid lagging your mobile phone with needless apps

If Google Play Store or other official app website has thousands of free apps, you don’t have to load your mobile phone with thousands of free apps. Keeping apps that you seldom use or never use, use device memory, which basically slows down your phone performance.

5.) Keep your phone cool

A cool mobile phone is a healthy mobile phone. On a summer morning, don’t leave your mobile phone in the car, and use it in the shadow whenever possible. Using it in under the sun also needs maximum brightness that again, heats up the mobile phone. For long voice calls, go for the earphones. It is also a great idea to keep your mobile phone in open areas inplace of restricted spaces like pockets, bags, etc.

6.) Secure your mobile phone from online threats

From altering data to stealing it, a malware software can destroy everything that is important about your mobile phone. So, to avoid getting into a condition where your phone is taken over by an dirty app, get a dependable mobile security software. There are several mobile security software available in the market, but Bitdefender is one of the best one. The features and after sale service of Bitdefrender is outstanding. If you face any kind of problem related to installation and working of Bitdefender Antivirus, simply dial the Bitdefender Tech support number for assistance. The technician will assist you to fix your issues and will take the remote access of your device after your permission.

7.) Get your new mobile phone insured

The idea of insuring one’s mobile phone may sound ridiculous, well, until the mobile phone gets lost, damged or stolen. Having your mobile phone insured saves the investment that you have made in it. This means, you don’t have to spend restless nights wondering about the money you invested out buying that dreamy mobile phone of yours.

8.) Don’t click on links and attachments

Mobile is used for multiple purposes like browsing and online banking. Mobile banking also mean exploring the mobile site of your bank. While doing so, do not click on links received in a SMS or via email that claims to redirect you to your bank’s website. Access the bank website directly from your mobile browser. Also, do not share any data about your bank over an SMS, call or email.