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The new Amazon app is quite amazing, isn’t it? If you haven’t installed it out as yet, you definitely should. But, there are few things you need to keep in mind when you do an online shopping through your smart phone.

Most people generally believe that smart phones are free of malwares and carry little to no risk with regards to data theft. But, once you start doing online shopping through your smart phone device, there are numerous security precautions that you do require to keep in mind.

How to stay safe while doing online shopping via your smart phone?

Never buy through email links

If you have got an email that claims about special packages and discounts, do not be curious to click on the link to buy that stuff. Visit the website defined separately and enter the name of the offer or the stuff that you are looking at. If you don’t find the offer/stuff there, then something is certainly messy. Many times forge emails are sent to people to attract them to click and do some shopping from fake online platforms. Avoid doing this as the data on your smart phone is highly important and sensitive.


Always purchase via official apps

When it comes to online shopping, your credit/debit card information is your most significant assets. These need to stay safe and the best way to attain this is by shopping via official applications that are officially released by real online shopping portals. Though these applications do not offer guaranteed and complete security, they are the safest way for doing online purchases. So in place of going to the Amazon website on your smart phone and making a purchase there, just install their app for your phone OS. Make your transaction via the app and stay confident that your data is secure.

Always check for HTTPS certification

Mobile browsers can be tricky, particularly for shoppers. All the actions for capturing a phishing link that can be made use of a desktop harder to hold to when it comes to a mobile browser. Mobile applications are basically made to function separately so as to offer a better surfing experience and customer User Interface. Where as shoppers generally ignores the verification of the address bar. So we are not able to check the URL of a page in its entirety and spot the HTTPS prefix. So you should always look the URL of a page properly and confirm it has HTTPS certification, before you do any shopping through your smart phone.

Be elegant about what card you use

The one important rule here that no one tells you is about the card that you use to actually do a shopping. Online purchases are never fully foolproof and can always go wrong. So never select a debit card of an account where you have all your money piled up. If this information gets stolen, you will be in big trouble. In its place, open a new account with small money in it and use that debit card for purchases. That way, even if you lose the credentials for that account, the hit you take will be least. As well, you can also use credit cards for online purchases as banks are basically more open to refunding credit card money in case of fraudulent activity. Possibly, you can also use a prepaid credit card number to do an online purchase via your smart phone.

Always use a safe Wi-Fi connection

Free Wi-Fi in pizza corners, coffee shops and shopping malls are great for people who are continuously on the move. But, doing an online shopping via these connections should be strictly blocked. Wi-Fi interceptors and snoopers steal private information over unsafe Wi-Fi networks, so stick to safe and private networks at your office or home for making purchases. A little bit of concentration till the time you can connect over a private network will help you a lot, so get a grip on that start finger and hold on before doing any shopping.

While all these tips should be followed, it is always suggested to have a helping hand when possible. Bitdefender Security for Android phones provides the extra layer of safety while you do online purchases by blocking infected threats and phishing websites. You can contact Bitdefender Technical Support for any help regarding the installation or configuration of the device. With this improved mobile virus security suite at your end and by following the above tips, you can carry out all your online mobile purchases without any concern.