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These days, almost everybody spends long hours on the Internet to carry out there important assignments. But, when you connect to the Internet you are unsecure as there are millions of online cyber attacks to which you can easily surrender. You are also exposed to hackers who are out to steal your important and confidential data like credit card numbers, tax records and passwords, to name a few. To save yourself from such problems, you are suggested to follow the below tips to help you out in such situations:

1.) Set unique, strong, and significant passwords: Make it difficult for hackers to reveal your password. You need to set unique and strong passwords that are not easily identifiable to others. But, at the similar time, they should be somehow significant to you yourself so that you can recall them easily whenever you require them. For such a strong, unique and significant password, you are suggested to use capital and small letters, digits, special characters, and more than 8 characters.

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2.) Use email cautiously: Email is a good way to be in touch with your family and friends and works as a great tool to let your business running. But, be attentive to what data you sending by Email. Never reveal your credit card details, social security number, or any other crucial details via email.

3.) Be attentive when using instant messaging app: If you use an instant messaging utility to communicate with friends, be alert about sending your vital information via online communication. You can further save yourself by giving a nickname to your Instant Messaging screen name and not adding unidentified person to any of your message groups.

4.) Shop safely: If you are online shopping lover, then you have to be alert! Make sure that the Website uses safe technology, when you place an online order. While checking out, ensure that the Web address begins starts with https, so that it’s a secure website. Do not use public WiFi for making any kind of payment. As public WiFi is the most unsecure form of network. Hackers are always looking for such networks to attack the victims.

5.) Check out for phishing scams: Phishing uses forge email and infected websites to allure innocent users into revealing account or login facts. For safety purposes, whenever you receive a business email containing a link to a website, make sure that the website is safe and genuine.

6.) Take Care when having Fun with online games: Online games are of great fun for almost everyone you talk about. But, you must make sure proper safety with a reliable tool like an Antivirus is quite necessary while playing games or chatting with other players.

7.) Pay attention to your kids’ online actions: Keep your home computing system in the living area to check the behavior of your kids. Put a specific upper limit on their time spent online in addition to using child software as per age. Download proper safety controls and use them to keep your kids away from using unauthorized websites as also sharing personal data via online conversations.

8.) Subscribe to Avira security service: To keep your devices secure when you switch on your PC, you are suggested to subscribe to a powerful and reliable Antivirus suite such as Avira. This safety tool shall go a long way towards saving you from diverse cyber threats such as spyware, adware, malware and viruses and also identity theft and take care of other malware. The other benefit of Avira is its after sale service. You can simply contact Avira Tech Support for any issues faced while installing and using it. The technicians will assist you in a very simple manner and will fix your problems in a few moments.