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You’ve been privileged over the years that your phone is not lost, no credit card fraud, no viruses in the computer. Still, inside your heart, you fear that your careless digital habits will ultimately catch up with you. So, in place of carrying a feeling of fear and rejection into the New Year, how about getting confidence and stress free mind? It’s a new year and the best time to take a few simple steps and make 2017 the most secure year ever.

Tips to stiffen up your digital habits:

1.)Two-factor authentication- This small method seems like a big deal but it’s simple, and it’s essential. Two-factor authentication provides two layers of safety on any personal data channels you use. Be it your Facebook, phone, your email, or bank account, taking some more time to apply a two-step password entry means possible hackers will get annoyed and move on to a more unsecured account. Follow this: Go into the account settings of any significant account and simply go for a two-factor authentication.

2.)Make clear of public Wi-Fi- Working from a public place like a coffee shop can be easy, fun, and a best medium to get inspired. But, it only takes one interfering, corrupt person at that place to access your device through the shared public network. Hackers can simply access your emails, passwords and anything else on your device. Solution: Always complete your important work at home or in the office on a safe, password-protected connection and save your non-wifi work like report reading or writing for the public network. Avoid performing any sort of banking or important transaction on public Wi-Fi. Tip: View the search bar where the URL is displayed. If you see an “s” in the website URL, i.e., “https” at the front of the URL, that website is secure and encrypted that means your information can’t be read in transaction. If you only see “HTTP” that website isn’t safe at all. So do not proceed. Follow this: If you are connected to the public Wi-Fi, go to your security settings and activate your firewall that will help block out all incoming traffic and keep hackers away.

3.)Don’t get lethargic with passwords- The most common error users do, according to experts, is using the similar password for all online accounts login. If this is your habit, avoid this poor habit in 2017. Follow this:  Take an hour out of your day and write all of your passwords for 2017. Once you’ve written up your passwords, you can clarify the password method by following True Key multi-factor authentication service.login-1203603_640-300x168

A strong password has the following features:

  • It is at least ten characters in length.
  • It doesn’t have any word or words found in the dictionary.
  • It is a combination of capital and lower-case alphabets.
  • It contains special characters like punctuation marks, symbols or numbers.

4.)Simplify your devices-Just simplify your new year and your security will improve fast. With so many digital assets coming to us each day like email, files, images, documents, attachments and it’s easy to get stunned. And, when we are stunned, it’s simple to get careless in the places that matter most like secrecy. So, kick off the New Year by simplifying your devices for better safety.

Smartphone: Remove those inactive, unused apps on your desktop and phone. Establish your apps into folders on your home screen.

Laptop: Establish your desktop files into folders and consolidate your folders in years, i.e., 2014, 2015, 2016. If you have old files either remove them or save them in a folder or hard drive that doesn’t visually mess your desktop.

Laptop: Clear up your email. It is the best time to remove old emails, review and file flagged files, delete old emails and build folders, with large add-ons that may be using memory on your system. Delete unused email accounts, paid contributions, and you no longer use. Much like removing your garage, establishing your devices at the start of a new year will make you feel secure.

5.)Target your software. Whether you trust it or not or even think about it or not, here’s the reality: While most of us work, sleep, and play, crooks work nonstop to try to break into system with malware, spyware, and viruses. You have your task, and they have theirs. If you’ve never think of anti-virus software, consider it this time. Go for the McAfee Antivirus, as it is one of the best Antiviruses. To get any assistance simply contact the McAfee Tech support, providing company.

6.)Stop sharing details so much- Do you genuinely want to get serious about security in year 2017? Make this the year you stop from sharing any sort of details on social media. Opt for being secretive. Pull back, rethink, zip it. Crooks use fake social media accounts to control your data. A well-planned identity thief on Facebook can reveal information about your life, use it to answer security questions on your credentials, and gain access to your financial details. Consider cutting down your Facebook, Twitter, Google plus friends to a small number of people you know and trust. Alert your family: Never use your full name, address, Social Security number, phone number, or any account details on public platform.

7.)Don’t avoid vital updates. Yes, updates can be annoying if you are in the middle of a work. But the reality remains: Updating your PC’s software is quite important to a secure digital experience. If you go for the popular software use like the Adobe Flash, Java, Adobe Shockwave, Adobe Acrobat Reader, or browsers like Internet Explorer or Chrome, make sure you have the current version installed. Cyber hackers keep an eye on this and try to find security loops so they can infect PC’s swith spy and malware.