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Every PC user should know about these Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are horrible little programs that are developed to lay waste to your PC. Some terminate files stored on your computer, while some trigger diverse software to malfunction. More immoral viruses steal your private data and some even go to an amount to rig...

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A Look at the Astounding Growth of Malware

Malware is increasing day by day, with a lot of incidents are reported every day. In a report it has been revealed that every second five new malware are detected. Malware is a general name for piece of code that has been written with evil...

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7 Best Music Player Apps for Linux

Listening to music is not only a way of entertainment; it’s a way life for many people. It’s not a very simple task to find a good music app because there are thousands of potential players out there. There are 8 different music players which...

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