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Once you have installed a web browser and try to download any files from the Internet, the software application will ask you the location where you want to save that file or if you don’t specify the location, you file will be saved in a predefined folder on the system drive. If you have not select any folder and your downloaded file is saved on a predefined folder, it may be a problem for you to identify the type of software if you are not familiar with the software type. Usually the predefined is C: -> Users -> YourUserName -> Downloads.

However, if there is almost no space on the disk partition because of the Windows files, it is a signal that you need to change the default downloads location and save the files to another drive by redirecting the files other than, the default downloads folder. So below all the instructions are explained for the Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi use how to do that. So have a look at the guide:

Microsoft Edge

Unlike other web browsers, Microsoft Edge does not have settings integrated at the moment, to modify the default download locations, namely C: -> Users -> YourUserName -> Downloads. However, with a simple registry tweak, Microsoft Edge users can do this.microsoft_edge_logo-svg

To bring up the Windows 10 Search box, press the Win key and type regedit in the search box then press Enter. If User Account Control (UAC) seeks you for permission, click on the Yes option. On the left side of Registry Editor’s main window in the folder structure shown, go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> SOFTWARE -> Classes -> Local Settings -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> AppContainer -> Storage -> microsoft.microsoftedge_8wekyb3d8bbwe -> MicrosoftEdge -> Main.

Somewhere on the right side, right-click and choose New -> String Value from the context menu. To replace with Default Download Directory, delete New Value #1 and press Enter. Then modify the Default Download Directory by right clicking on the option Modify. Go to the Value Data empty box, and then enter a new location for default downloads where you want to save files from now on, and finally click on Ok button to apply changes.

Google Chrome

In Chrome, click the menu button (three horizontal bars) on the upper-right corner of the window, click on Settings, then scroll the setting page to the bottom to see the Show advanced settings option. Click on the Show advanced settings option to expand the page then scroll down until you see the Downloads chromearea. In the Downloads area, click the button “Change “next to Download location to browse for a preferred folder directory to save all downloaded items from now on.

If you have stored full folder path in the Clipboard or know it, paste or type it in the Download location box. Otherwise, you can choose the option just below the download location box that says Ask where to save each file before downloading if you want to save objects in different locations. Put a check mark in the box right before the option Ask where to save each file before downloading. Doing so will ask every time to browse and specify a location to save the file that you download. During this process, you face any problem with Google Chrome, then contact Google Chrome technical support services.

Internet Explorerinternet-explorer-9
In Internet Explorer, on the upper-right corner of the main window, there is a settings button; click on that then select View downloads. Now on the bottom-left corner of the popup window, click Options
then the Browse button next to the Default download location box. Choose a new saving directory from the browsing options, and click Ok to apply the changes. At the time of changing the default downloading setting, internet explorer starts show issues, then contact Internet Explorer technical support services for the instant solution.


Mozilla Firefox

In Firefox, in the upper-right corner of the window, there is a menu button, click on that then select mozilla-firefox-free2crack-logoOptions and go to the General tab. In General Tab, find the Downloads area, and click the Browse button next to the Save files to box. This step will make you select a new download location on your computer.

It is almost same like the Chrome browser because in you can paste or type full path in the Save files to box if you do not want to browse for a location. Otherwise, you have the option to select a new saving directory and file name for each download. For that, you just need to put a checkmark in the box that Always asks me where to save files.During the process of changing the default downloading setting or searching over the internet and downloading any content, you face a problem with your Mozilla Firefox, then contact Mozilla Firefox technical support services for the instant solution.


In Opera browser, the Menu button is in the upper-left corner of the main window, click on that. From opera_web_browser_60205-jpgMenu options, click on Settings, select the Basic tab. From the Basic tab, find the Downloads area, and click the Change button to browse the options for selecting a new Download location for saving
directory. Alternatively, if you know the directory path, paste or type the full path directly in the Download location box.

Otherwise, you can select a new location each time by checking the option “Ask where to save each file before downloading”. If you face problem with your Opera browser while browsing, downloading or changing any setting, then feel free and contact Opera technical support services for the better experience.


It is a default feature in Vivaldi that it asks you on each download job that where you want to save files. In the popup window, you need to click on Save button to store your downloads either in the default directory or specify the location and file name to save them at a particular location.vivaldi-browser-logo

Follow the instruction to change the default downloads folder. On the upper-left corner of the main window, click the Vivaldi icon then open the Tools menu, and choose Settings from the list and then click on the Downloads tab.

To specify a preferred saving folder, there is no button for calling the built-in file browser, so you need to type or paste the full Directory path in the Download Location box.

Put a check mark before the option box “Always Save Files to Default Download Location” to avoid the popup window and store all files in the default directory automatically.

When you use any web browser for the different purpose but they start showing unknowing issues and interrupt your task continuously, then you need technical help. Then contact Browser Technical Support for the  better experience.