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Spyware are small code that gathers your personal data without your knowledge. Here, we are talking how you can keep such infected software from accessing your privacy.

Strategy to Stay Protected from Spyware Attack

Be alert of free adware

The Internet is full of free software; you think of it, and it’s there. While most of them can be helpful, you don’t know if they hold malicious code. Even the most reliable looking software can be attached with a spyware. Always explore the software before allowing it to make changes on your device.

Questionable and unsuitable websites are the danger zones

You can also secure your PC from a spyware attack by avoiding websites that have adult content, hacking data, host gambling activities, and other questionable features. Hackers usually select these places to host their malware.Spyware

Stop Autorun

When you plug in any USB or external device into your PC, if a window pops up allowing you options to view files or folders, then your device’s autorun feature is enabled. This feature is one of the common mode malware such as worm, Trojan, spyware, etc., get automatically installed in your device.

Stay away of popup ads, particularly unwanted and those shouting about discounts

You must have experience online ads that pop out of the blue. Never reply to such advertisements in any way. Even if they display “Cancel” or “Close” buttons, never click on it. Simply right click on the border of the window at the top and tap “Close”.

Get Browser Sandbox Security

Drive-by downloads are a development to the way how malware contaminate your PC via compromised websites. By just exploring such websites, malware may get automatically downloaded on your PC. This is one of the simplest ways of getting infected by spyware.  Browser sandbox security takes your Internet browser into a virtual environment. Any data that you download or get downloaded from the browser, stay isolated in the sandbox environment, and have no access to your PC.

Never click attachments in emails from unsolicited and unknown senders

The heading speaks for itself. Always caution before clicking files or opening links in unexpected email messages, and those from unknown senders. You may also get emails that stay to be from your bank or trusted online store. Even in such conditions, exercise the same precaution. Even if you should access the link, first confirm its URL and manually type it in your Internet browser.

Turn ON Popup Blocker

One simple way to block popup ads is to use the popup blocker in your browser. But, it should be noted that, some websites may need popup for specific functions. So, you may select to turn OFF this feature for your trusted websites.

Consider using multilayered antivirus software

The current day malware is nowhere close to what it used to be in earlier times. With time, malware designers have learned to make their malware more adaptable, inconspicuous, resilient and more harmful. A common antivirus cannot secure you from all such attacks at the same time. Select an antivirus that can not only take down spyware, but all types of malware in the internet weather known or unknown. It must also be ready with sandbox protection as discussed earlier, and a keen web security feature that can block fraud and malicious websites. Experts always suggest using Norton Antivirus. As it have all the features discussed above. The Norton Technical Support is always available to help he users in case of any issue regarding installation, configuration and updating of Norton Antivirus. Technicians are available 24*7 to help users and are highly skilled. Technicians will take the remote access of the user device in order to fix the issue.