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Pirated, unauthorized, unlicensed or cracked software may be as cheap as dirt or come for free, but it will definitely cost you your digital safety. With unknown developers and no proper standard of testing procedures done, such software is full of several security faults that can be used by hackers to get access to your system. Reportedly, one in every three unlicensed software, mostly contains a malware that can harm a system easily or steal the user’s important information including information of their bank accounts.software-pirate

Websites that provide pirated software often readdress their visitors to possibly dangerous websites. These websites end up getting the computers infected with a wide range of threats such as adware, bots, potentially unwanted applications (PUA) and most of the time ransomware. Ransomware is a latest trend in the form of security breach in which malware encrypts your data and asks for a ransom in exchange.

More importantly, pirated or cracked software do not get any kind of software updates at all that are quite important for strengthening security weaknesses and hence they stay at danger of getting misused by attackers. The other thing to understand here is that many companies also fine on you for using their software in an illegal manner by copying it.

The way these unlicensed software attract its customer is quite interesting. They offer you different discounts and one plus one facilities, that trap their target. Once they get their target, they get into their system and access information from it.

We have detected various cases of software activators for Microsoft Office, antivirus and Windows Operating System that come attached with downloader that drop significantly unwanted applications.

These are Anti-virus that helps to recover lost information, boost system performance and recover lost files. The important point of discussing the whole information with you is to aware you about unlicensed software. Don’t go for the unlicensed software in order to save a few bucks, initially it will cost you less but later on it will cost you quite high.

Most important thing to know here is that “Precaution is better than cure”. Anti-virus will definitely remove the virus, malicious software, infection and Trojan horse from your system, but you should not download any software from fake website.

Software is secured by copyright laws written to defend the developer work product. It is similar as for a music composer or book author. When you purchase commercial software, you do not really buy the original software program; you buy a license to use it in agreement with the software license.

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