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According to the latest Security Threat Report by Eset Antivirus, mobile ransomware has surged by 500% from Q1 to Q4 in year 2016 while mobile banking hack has shown an increase of 150%. Herew we have mentioned the complete report here. All these figures only figures out the truth that Android phones are a focus for malware and threats are only increasing. What’s scarier is that most people having Android gadgets are not even aware that their gadget has been hacked or full of virus and is being used for other wrong purposes. So, we have mentioned here a few possible signs that will aware you to see if your Android gadget is actually infected with a virus or malware.

Lets have a look at these signs:

1.) Your mobile makes calls that you don’r have any idea about


Ever seen any calls or SMSs made or sent from your mobile that you have no idea? If no one else is using your mobile and you see unexplainable calls made from your mobile (or message sent), then you can doubt expect a possible virus attack. Most mobile viruses are developed to make calls and send SMSs from the malicious mobile.

2.) Battery reduces faster than normal

Most Android gadgets come with better battery life. Some even stays on for almost two days with regular usage. If your gadget’s battery is reducing faster than normal even with normal usage, take this as a sign of a virus infection. These viruses regularly keep running in the gadget background without giving letting know their presence and this usess up the battery.

3.) Forged applications show up on your phone

Most mobile infections are developed to install other apps (majorly malicious one) on the infected gadget so that they can work together to mess up your happiness. If you see applications that you don’t remember installing on your mobile, then there are high chances of your mobile being infected with a malware like the virus.

4.) Unexpected or unexplainable usage of mobile data

When a malware infects your smart phone, it does not remains idle; well, not always. Android malwar and other mobile malware work on the commands they get from their developer(the hacker). For this, they need an active Internet connection. Internet is also required for the malware to carry out other tasks like stealing user data and sending it to the hacker, displaying forge pop-up ads, and so on. For clear reasons having a malware hiding on your smart phone means your mobile data usage will surge for a reason that is not known to you. So, if this occurs, it is a good sign that your smart phone is infected.

5.) Heating Issues

It is usual for a mobile gadget to get overheated while constant Internet browsing, playing games, charging or non-stop calling. But, if your mobilephone remains warm most of the time for no cause, a virus infection could be the most possible culprit.

6.) Bad performance

Mobile gadgets lose on the performance score as they get older and get stuffed with applications over time. So most of the times, low performance cannot be blamed on a malware infection. But, if you wants to get rid of unwanted apps, avoid using live wallpapers and takes all vital steps to optimize performance and still faces lags and slowdowns, then a malware infection could be responsible for it after all.

What Precautions to be taken?

  1. If you see your Android phone is showing the similar signs as described above, then install a mobile antivirus application and run a complete virus scan. There a re several Antivirus acvaiulable in the market, but Eset Antivirus is one of the best. It has a good after sale service, for which simply contact the Eset Tech Support number.
  2. Never downlod apps from third-party application stores. Only trust genuine sources like the Google Play and App Store.
  3. Do not tab on pop-up ads that come up on your device while surfing websites. Clicking them might take you to a malicous website or drop a malware on your smart phone.
  4. Never click on links or download files received from unexpected, unwanted, or unknown user emails. Follow this habit even with messages received over WhatsApp or as an SMS.
  5. On your Android phone, make sure the ‘Unknown Sources’ setting is checked out. This will stop third-party, unofficial applications from getting installed on your smart phone.