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The advancement in technology has changed a lot and this can be easily seen from the connected cars introduction. Connected cars can simply talk to each other, and they’re getting advancement by talking to the city they’re driving around. That also means hackers can simply talk to our cars, as we’ve seen from the reports about the experimental hacking of a Jeep. But hacking isn’t the only issue, as wherever there’s a system, there’s surety to be a computer virus present.

This is the issue McAfee Cyber Security is working to fix. Granted, there aren’t a lot of viruses being transfer from car to car right now, as connectivity in cars is still not popular. But McAfeeis claiming that by 2020, around fifty million of the ninety million cars projected to build that year will be connected. While a malware on your system means someone could misuse and steal your data, which is bad, when it occurs in your car, there’s chance for physical danger.


That’s still no cause to give up on cars totally and travel on a big-wheeled bicycle; tech companies and car companies have been researching together for a few years now to fix the problem. As we all know there is no silver bullet to cyber safety. You’ll want a number of bullets.That includes safety that’s feed into the hardware along with layers of software security. If the software that is feed in is able to be updated remotely, then it is a great tool for a car manufacturer or manager.

Consumers won’t automatically know that McAfee or other security software is working on their new connected car except they ask, since it’s finally the auto manufacturer who is accountable for the security and safety of the vehicle. Although the user may not know we’re there, according to the McAfee. McAfee will be the watchful eyes ensuring that the system is doing what it is supposed to do and completely nothing else. As security requires and standards change, you might be able to buy McAfee software for your car in a few years just as you would Avastor Kaspersky for your computer.

Aftermarket safety could become significant soon, since we’re already fetching all kinds of exposures into the car ourselves. Like the dongles that fit into the OBD port below the dashboard. This often comes from the companies for usage rates, or there are software like the Zubie that tracked vehicle stats and driving habits. These devices connect with the outside world that means the outside world could connect with them.

As the dongle is physically linked to the automobile and to its internal connectivity, so any malware that simply breaches the dongle security or its connectivity link could simply inject malicious code onto the vehicle’s internal protocol that is used to let on board microcontrollers connect and cause undesirable effects to vehicle working. But about two years ago, the McAfeedid actually find susceptibility in a Zubie device, displaying that it could be remotely confronted to take full access of the vehicle. McAfee made a responsible discovery to Zubie, which fixed the problems and announced the enhancements.

Connectivity is more than just attaching your phone up to your vehicle wirelessly that’s another potential weakness, by the way. V2V and V2I connectivity is going to be key technologies for automobiles. Making sure those connectivity are reliable is yet another concern to add to the chat as we drive forward.

You can simply protect your car from the malwares like virus, Trojans, Spyware and worms by using McAfee Antivirus. This antivirus is a renowned one that is used to deal with these malware. To get any assistance regarding the McAfee antivirus, McAfee Tech Support. The toll free number, which is provided by these tech companies, is available all the time. The technicians will assist you in a very simple and easy manner.