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Cloud computing is a very useful technology of this digital decade and after analyzing its usefulness, more and more enterprises are adopting it gradually. This technology will continue to dominate as enterprises and corporate will look for flexibility, agility, and efficiency in their functional verticals as there is a huge competition for all even if you are a small or large enterprise. IT department is always being pressurised at different levels by the different business functions to do more with less, while keeping every data secure and using the less number of resources. So IT professionals always try to find extensible, simple, and fast solutions that can scale up conveniently with the growth of the organization.

Businessman drawing a Cloud Computing diagram on the whiteboard

Cloud technology renders multiple benefits like it allows efficient data management by offering scalable storage for files, software applications and other types of data. This technology improves collaboration among team members irrespective of their geographical locations, saves time as well as money as it dispose the requirement of building a data centre and hiring a team of IT professionals to manage your organization’s data.  This is the reason most of the companies are trying to use the extended flexibility and power of cloud to protect, manage and backup their data efficiently. However, while opting for cloud-based infrastructure, many of the companies experience number of concerns and one such concern is “Time to Market” which impact is directly proportional to the company’s bottom-line.

Moreover, in any organizational culture, there are additional risks and challenges related to the cost of bandwidth coupled with data security and data governance and connectivity.  Although there are a few challenges and risks that are involved with cloud technology still experts recommend it because of various reasons including:

Backup & Archiving

Cloud-based backup are better than the on-premise (physical) backup services and you don’t need any vendor for achieving them as cloud backup solutions are available online and you can buy the one according to your need means either you want it for storing your personal data and information or for professional use.

Data Portability and Cloud Migration

For an organization cloud storage creates more flexibility and enables data portability. There are multiple solutions from the major vendors like AWS, Azure, VMware, hyper-V and Nutanix Acropolis and it’s upto you if you require an On-Premise, Hybrid or Public Cloud solution. Cloud solutions allow you to switch and shift to a new provider, migrate your data and IT infrastructure to the cloud because of any reason including redundancy or cost.

Disaster Recovery or DRaaS

DR, as a service, commonly starts with development/testing in the cloud and matures into DR as companies start seeing how easy it is to replicate their workloads and machines, and move their data onto the cloud. Continuous replication of critical data, infrastructure, and apps to the cloud makes it easy to recover data if there s any kind of disruption create.

Data Solutions for SaaS offerings

Before taking your final decision, there are a few important points that you need to focus on such as: SaaS may offer data protection to some extent, but will their SLA work for you? Will it be convenient to do other things with that data? What will be the consequences if you want to use that data for doing something else? Will it be possible to own a copy of your own data? You always should find solutions that allow API access to third parties and include the capabilities for leveraging all Data Management capabilities, such as: Data Indexing and Data Protection to extract maximum value out of your investment.

Development & Testing

It makes sense to drive Testing and Development through cloud if you are willing to delivering a few of your own services in the cloud, Development and testing will help you in achieving the above-specified benefits and delivering services in a more cost effective way. Testing and Development process allows using metrics reporting that will help you to know how many resources are being equipped and how you can optimize them.

If you face any kind of issues while storing and retrieving data from the cloud storage then no need to worry because we have a time which provides instant Tech Support for Cloud Computing related issues.