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When it comes to the protection of kids and teenagers online, several parents are already working on it. They stay alerted about the latest online applications that are in trend and their dangers, and many of them also get vigorously involved with their child’s online actions. Some parents also become the friend of their kids on Facebook in order to keep a track of their actions.

But, as all parents are regularly on the lookout to check what their kids are commonly using at the moment, all teens are also regularly looking out for latest apps that are not in the knowledge of the parents. They want an environment that is unregulated and unmonitored. While there is nothing wrong with that, and both sides are correct in their thinking, here are some applications that take things a little too far, in our belief. These dangerous applications for teens are not dangerous by nature, but it is vital to check your child’s activities on them as the possibility of danger over these applications is quite higher than others.

Some applications your teens use that you should possibly know about

Some of these applications have age conditions that kids mostly ignore. If an online application has a minimum age necessity, you should make sure that your kids follow to it. Also, most of these applications have security, privacy and safety settings that are generally neglected. You also need to make sure that these settings are made use of properly. With that in mind, here are some of the applications that you must be aware of.610x405-ct


This is a reputed microblogging application but it is also a highly dangerous place for kids. The content that is posted here is mostly unsupervised, uncontrolled and it is a hotbed for unnecessary content. The app is also known to have big amounts of pornography so it is best to know what your kid is up to on Tumblr.


This is an application that permits interactive questions and answers, secretly. While the intention is neat, the application has led to various cases of cyber bullying, with numerous cases even leading to kid suicides. The secrecy factor leads to a lot of people being actually horrible here and this is an app that needs serious parent interference.

Kik Messenger

This is possibly one of the most dangerous applications online for kids. It’s a messaging app that anyone can use. What is risk is that someone does not require a user’s contact number in order to contact them on Kik. A lot of children also use it without proper checking and regulation. This makes it dangerous to use. The app also needs a user to be older than 17 years. But, this is a rule that is hardly followed.


The one application that has led to the most problem and privacy errors is Snapchat. This app permits users to send videos and photos to each other, which then vanish after being viewed. As a consequence, a lot of young kids have resorted to Snapchat for ‘sexting’. While they feel the data they have shared is going to be deleted after viewing, sometimes the receiver can basically take a screenshot or a picture of the data and spread it, uninformed to the sender. Also, as the data is being shared through web servers, it is basically being saved somewhere. This is something that users of Snapchat generally forget so it is important to keep an eye on activities here.

While these are some of the well-known applications that have data and privacy issues for kids, there are several others as well. What’s more significant is designing a healthy channel of communication with your kid so that such services are not altered without your information. None of these applications promote harmful content, aggressive content, pornographic content or other threats, and most users of these apps use them sincerely. But, without proper knowledge, these apps can be risky for kids, so some level of intervention is needed.

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