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Viruses, spyware, adware are small program that is designed to show advertisements (in various form and degrees of intrusiveness) on your computer. It often reports personal information back to its owners. As a result your sense of privacy can be violated. These viruses which are mentioning further in this article old but from the last few days they are continuously seeing by the pc users.

old-virusThese viruses and their effect are as follows:

Zero-day threat or Zero day vulnerabilities- these types of viruses are also know as zero-hour threats. They come due to the weakness of your pc security firewall system and which is unknown to you because your antivirus is not working properly. While these type of viruses seems like simple file but its real purpose is to corrupt your system software, by deleting and hiding the files from you. Zero day threat is very much capable to attach itself with another program and then started damaging your system files at various levels with various degrees.

Black Box– Black Box is also known as Jerusalem it’s very old because it was discovered in virus family in 1987 but at presently it is also identified by some of the PC users. These worms infects (Disk Operating System), increase the all file sizes run with the exception of COMMAND.COM.

Jerusalem able to delete the files at random periods during the year like on 13th of every month or on the April fool’s day. This Black Box is well inspired from the host of similar worms and these worms grow by a specified file size when executed.

Michelangelo: This virus was come in 1991 on that machines which are running on MS-DOS. And now in 2014, still most of the IT industries are running on MS-DOS machines attacked by Michelangelo virus. This virus is very much capable of overwrite disk and can change the master boot records in PC.

Sobig: Over 3 millions of computer was infected with sobig worm and with its subclasses. These replicate itself through mail to the thousands of email. The attachment was often a *scr or *pif file effect on system as the pc user execute or download these type of attachment these viruses activate itself SMTP host, collecting email addresses and continuously propagating through several messages .

Nimda: when the 2011 comes at his end Nimda is new in the series of viruses, and started infected the Microsoft machines very rapidly. Its spread all over the computer by email addresses in html files which located in user cache folder and by looking the user email contacts.

Morris Worm: In 1988, a student of cornell university launched 99 line of code in his quest for the answer. But the intention was not infect the computer by creating malicious program but there were bugs in this code caused the affected host of the PC.

Code Red: it was bad day for computers when code red was released in July 2011. It replicates itself by demolishing the vulnerability in other Microsoft ISS machines. When you infected by the code red the following message comes up on your screen.

HELLO! Welcome to http://worm.com! Hacked by Chinese

These types of malicious program are a malicious that is disguised for instance, as trustworthy anti-spyware program or registry cleaner. They make exaggerated claims about the safety of your computer or worse still, give enormous scan result or put malware in your system. The generic names for these malicious programs are adware, backdoor, rogues, Trojan, virus and worms.

Removal of viruses and malware program

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