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Hacking is one of the dangerous attempts made by hackers to access and exploit your computer. It is an unauthorized activity where the cybercriminals take control of PC for some illegal doings.

The hacks can allow the online attackers to steal your personal details or important data. This, in turn, can make you fall in critical situations such as:

  • The money in your account deducts continuously even when you are not making any transaction.

  • Important files or folders existing on your computer are not opening.

  • Your inbox gets full of unwanted or spam emails.

  • The speed of your system turns slow.

Not only this, the hackers can misuse your identity to perform some illegal activities. You must be careful against hacking in order to avoid the situations where you will appear as a criminal. Awareness about some mutual hacking techniques which the cybercriminals use can help you to fight against hacks. Some of such techniques include Phishing attacks, Clickjacking, DDos, etc.

In today’s world where everything is turning online, hacking offers a wide range of openings for the cybercriminals. The hackers can gain access to your vital info such as email account particulars, credit card specifics, etc.

Let’s go through the significant info regarding the communal hacking techniques that can steal your essential details.


It is a humble software that keeps records of the strokes & key sequences of your keyboard. The area it uses to save the records are the log files existing on your computer. The same log files may also maintain your passwords or IDs. Keyloggers can be of both types – software and hardware.

The keyloggers which are depending on the software are known to target the files, applications & programs present on your computer. On the other hand, those are liable to hardware devices attack electromagnetic emissions, keyboards, smartphone sensors and others.

Keyloggers are the main cause for which the online banking websites ask you to utilize the virtual keyboards. Hence, be careful while operating a PC or laptop or smartphone in public network.

DDoS – Denial of Service

This is a popular technique that the attackers use to floods the target’s gadget with lots of traffic. This hacking method is responsible to take a site or server down by overflowing it with a lot of appeals. The victim site is unable to fulfill all the appeals on time & in the end, crashes down. For attacking via DDoS, the cybercriminals hire botnets or zombie PCs to flood your gadgets with a variety of requests. The area of DDoS victims is increasing with every transitory year. Hence, take precautionary measures to avoid being prey to this hacking.

Waterhole attacks

Being fond of watching National Geographic or Discovery channels will make you understand waterhole attacks in a better way.

For instance – if there is poison in the source of water, it will harm almost all the animals who drink it. In a similar manner, the attackers with this method target the most populous location to harm the victims. The location could include the cafeterias, cyber cafes, coffee shops, etc.

The cybercriminals being familiar with your timings, make use of this technique. They may modify the websites you usually visit or may create a bogus Wi-Fi network. These things will attract and ask you to provide your essential details. As the programmers of such attacks collect users’ details from an ambiguous place, they are harder to detect. The preferable way to safeguard yourself from such hacking is to be cautious while accessing public networks. Apart from this, you have to keep your antivirus as well as operating system up-to-date.

Fake WAP

This technique allows the hackers to fake a WAP. The false WAP will link to the legal Public WAP. Accessing this fake WAP by you will provide the hackers with opportunities to steal your data.

It is the easiest hacking method the attackers love to accomplish with the usage of just a wireless network & simple software. Anyone with some legal appearing WAP’s names such as “Healthy Wi-Fi” or else can begin eavesdropping on you. The best way to safeguard your devices from attacks via such techniques is to use a qualitative VPN service.


Phishing, the method with which the online attackers duplicates the sites you visit on regular basis. This tactic of trapping the victims through distributing the fake links has become one of the most common.

Once the target attempts to log in by entering their details, the Trojans running on that fake site provide the attackers with those details. Phishing attacks through Gmail & iCloud accounts were those that the hackers used to target a number of female celebrities of Hollywood.

ClickJacking Attacks

This technique is also known as UI Redress. Here, the online attackers hide the real UI where the users have to click. This is common when the victim tries to download any app, rush websites or movie streaming. On the usual basis, they employ this tactic to make dollars through advertising. But, others utilize it to steal your essential details or personal info.

In other words, this technique is to fool the internet users. It make the surfers to execute the malicious activities by clicking the hidden links. The best way to evade such hacking attacks is to be extra cautious when online. Never click on suspicious links even when it is appearing attractive. Avoid visiting any doubtful websites. If want to install an application? Go through not only the terms and conditions but also the feedback page having info regarding the specific app. Try to avoid using open Wi-Fi Networks.

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