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What is Data Privacy Day?

As we are moving towards a connected future, we are making a huge amount of data online. It could range from our individual details to our bank account information and even our likes and dislikes. With so much data available about us in the virtual environment, can you imagine what a field day cyber hackers would have if they could gain access to it?

January 28th is considered as Data Privacy Day, to generate public awareness about the necessity for keeping data private as well as to authorize them on data safety best practices.


To give you an instance, post an online search, say for a weekend target or even a new car, you might have noted related ads jumping up on your page long after you have stopped looking for them. Which means a third party has got hold of your likes and is leading similar ads your way? Or, when you download an app on your mobile, you will see that it may ask for access to your images, clock and even contact lists. Websites send cookies set in in their codes to help you, but these also store the evidence you share. You have no way of knowing how this data is being used.

Data Privacy Day is celebrated to help users:

  • Accomplish their digital footprint.
  • Raise attentiveness and teach about the need for data privacy.
  • Boost safe online practices.

Some of the dangers related to privacy breach:

  • Cyberbullying: Sharing of unsuitable or awkward photos and videos may attract online bullies.
  • Identity theft: Cyber criminals may be capable of gathering enough data about you to form a false profile that may be changed
  • Social media slashing: If your social media account is hacked, it can harm your personal life and status.
  • Financial harm: If your password and secret data become available to others or if your smartphone goes in the wrong hands, hackers may be able to clear out your account.
  • Ransomware: Cyber criminals may hold your documents or device hostage to extort financial benefits.

To authorize yourself to take custody of your privacy this Data Privacy Day, you have to:

  • Protect your devices: This is the most important thing you should do with a new device and make sure you keep auto updates turned on.
  • Be cautious of apps that ask for a lot of authorizations: A stopwatch has no necessity for your contact list, nor an editing app for your social media information. Share with care. Also, delete apps you do not use any longer.
  • Beware of bogus sites, phony offers and bogus wins: These are phishing attacks, directed at getting your files. Keep in mind (1) if you didn’t take part in a competition, you can’t win it (2) There is no such thing as easy money.
  • Control your digital footprints: Give your kindness a check when it comes to data. Do not share contact details, address, and office location in your profile description. Also, clean your social media information from time to time – remove pictures and posts that disclose a lot about you.
  • Stay clear of bogus sites by using McAfee WebAdvisor: This outstanding tool teaches you on website safety and informs you if a site looks doubtful. A great help that shields you from likely phishing and other attacks.
  • Do not worry if you become a target of hackers; simply use a McAfee Antivirus, for removing viruses and malware? If you face issues with the working of MacAfee Antivirus, then simply contact McAfee Tech support. The technicians will assist you by taking remote access of your device and fix issues. The best part of this support is that it is affordable and saves a lot of time. There is no need to reach out at the onsite location with your device to fix it.

In an increasingly organized world, our private information is a prized possession for many and they make endless attempts to steal it from us. We need to be attentive of the supports we grant devices/apps and give them carefully. Privacy and security go hand in hand pledge to take charge and monitor best practices to keep us and our families’ safe this Data Privacy Day.