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The first and foremost thing that will strike to your mind when your, Dell printer stops running is to fix it by yourself. Even if a Dell printer is known for its brilliance and consistency, it may fail on moment when you need it the most. Let’s experience it and do not frustrate. There is no need to close the eyes or escape from Dell printer issues when you can basically fix them by yourself.

Dell Printer Technical Support Services

Dell Printer Technical Support Services

Some of the basic problems experienced by customers with Dell printers are mentioned below:

  • Printer appears offline.
  • Wi-Fi signal in not present in your printer.
  • No power on your printer.
  • Printer not printing.
  • The connection between printer device and PC is slow.
  • Not able to connect several devices to your printer.
  • Number of unfinished print jobs in queue.

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If you get a black line coming down the center of your page when printing from your Dell printer, go for this method. Open and put the upper cover up. Print a page now and carefully see whether the fluorescent scanner light comes uniformly bright or not. If it not so, change it. If it does, see the photo assembly. If it’s bad, it requires a substitute. The photo assembly is in charge for receiving images.

If your Dell printer no longer prints in black & white in spite of you need it to, go for this technique. Right taps on the Dell printer software on your PC and choose Properties. Tap on the Advance tab and then click on More Options. Under the heading Complete-A-Print, uncheck the box next to Use color cartridge for full black page printing. Tap on to check the box, select black cartridge to print in black and white. Tap on the OK button. Modify the changes and skip the Properties Window. Restart your PC device and Dell printer and start printing in black and white with a smile on your face.

If you come across this error message like the ‘Load Paper’ when trying to print from a Dell Laser series printer, use this technique or approach. Make sure that the paper type is similar with what is the Type Set in the operator section of the printer. To confirm it, press the Menu button on the printer. Keep moving down until you come through the Tray Settings option. Press the Enter button to check the Tray Settings menu.

Keep scrolling down until you get the Paper Type and press Enter later on to see the settings inside its menu. Keep scrolling down until you get the specific paper tray for instance Tray 1\2 or the Multipurpose Feeder. Press the Enter button to see the menu section of a paper tray. You will get a Paper Type Chart section. Get the UP or Down arrow section to choose an appropriate paper type. When opted, press the Enter key. Next hit the Menu section again to return to the menu again. The printer should print in a fine manner. In case you need support checking the print menu sections, check through your Dell printer support handbook. It must have come with the real Dell printer setup gear.

Paper jams are the most common Dell printer issues. The trouble does vary with numerous Dell printer models and year of manufacture. When you experience a paper jam issue, check from where the paper comes out. Open the printer bar and pull out the jammed paper piece in your side. Be alert when taking out the jammed paper. Make sure that you do not tear it. Shut the printer cover. Check the paper tray immediately. Confirm that the paper stack is ruled properly in the paper tray. If not, rule the papers correctly.

Also see the roller. If it has loosened up, tighten it. This will resolve any paper jam issue. In case the problem appears, turn off the printer device and wait for half a minute. Switch it on afterwards. This will let Dell printer to manage the settings. Next, start continuously pressing the Print button to make the paper advance to the paper section. Continue pressing the Print button until the paper has come out fully. The paper jam issue will resolve and your Dell printer will start functioning again.

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