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Sometimes, you may miss vitally important notifications while engaged in some other activity on your Desktop. However, there is a way out for you; you can enable the pop-ups on your browser. An elaborate description of how to go about it is given below for three of the most popular browsers in vogue today, viz. Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

how to enable popups

Google Chrome

Manage pop-ups, Chrome Browser stops pop-ups from instantly arriving and cluttering your screen. When the browser blocks pop-ups for a specific site, then, an icon recognizes at the top-right corner of the address bar. You can click the icon to view the pop-ups that have been blocked or to manage its settings for the site.

View pop-ups for a particular site

To see blocked pop-ups, you need to follow these steps:

  1. You will see the icon in the address bar, if pop-ups have been blocked. Also, you can click the icon to see the blocked pop-up list.
  2. For always seeing pop-ups for the site, just choose ‘Always show pop-ups from [site]’. The site can be added to the expectations list, where you can manage the Content Setting dialog.

To manually enable pop-ups from a site, kindly follow the steps enumerated below:

  1. Firstly, click the Chrome menu on the toolbar.
  2. Choose settings.
  3. Press “Show advanced settings”.
  4. Now go into the Privacy section and tap the “Content settings” button.
  5. Click “Manage expectations” in the Pop-Ups section.

Enable all Pop-Ups

You can enable all pop-ups by disabling the pop-up blocker. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the browser menu on the toolbar.
  2. Select the settings.
  3. Click “Show advanced settings”.
  4. Click “Content settings” button which is placed in the Privacy section.
  5. Go into the Pop-Ups section and then choose “Allow all sites to show pop-up”. And take customize permissions for a particular website by clicking Manage expectations!


Pop-up blocker set Settings

To access the pop-up blocker settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Firefox Window, just click the Tools menu, and then click the Options button. You can press the Alt key on keyboard, if you don’t see Tools menu.
  2. Choose the Content panel.

There are two things in the content panel:

   Block pop-up windows, To disable the pop-up blocker altogether, you have to uncheck this.

  Exceptions, List sites which enable you to display the pop-ups.

The dialog has the several choices like:


       Click ‘Allow’ to insert a website to the exceptions list.

   Remove Site

       Click ‘Remove Site’ to delete a website from the exceptions list.

   Remove All Sites

       To remove all the websites in the exceptions list, click ‘Remove All Sites’.


Following steps are involved:

  1. Firstly, open your Safari Browser
  2. Open the Safari menu and select ‘Preferences’ from the list of choices.
  3. Tap on the ‘Security heading’.
  4. If you would like Safari to block all pop-ups then, mark ‘Block pop-up windows’.
  5. After that, click ‘Ok’ button to change the setting.
  6. If you want Safari to enable pop-up windows, then, click on the box again.
  7. After change the settings, close the preferences windows.
  8. At the end, shut down and restart Safari.

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