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January gets a bad blow. A dull month, the air is severely cold, and the days are so small that you could miss the sun light in the wink of an eye. At the similar time, we try to stay confident and stick to our determinations for the New Year. The common resolutions to stay fit, workout, and drink less all fall under a similar category of self-care. Another significant way to care for yourself is to make the resolution to protect your secrecy in the New Year.

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Just remember, our lives are now managed by our mobile devices. We do nearly everything with our mobile devices, whether we’re talking to a potential romantic interest, turning the lights on, the heat down and doing some online shopping. Should you lose your mobile or have an outsider get access to all your secret information, there is possibly a lot on the line. You could be asked to pay a large amount of money to get control, or otherwise, you’ll have to pay ransom to replace your stolen mobile. Knowing how to protect your device and keep it secure is a simple and best way to avoid the pain of stolen information. With these simple steps, you’ll be ready to face the New Year threat with the ease of knowing that your mobile is secure in your hands. Here are the simple resolutions to follow for keeping your mobile device secure in year 2017.

  • Keep Mobile to yourself- Don’t let your mobile out of your hold when you’re in out, even for a few minutes. This is the easiest and most simple way to keep your mobile locked down, but who hasn’t left their mobile behind in a changing room or at the lounge? Knowing where your mobile is at all times is the first thing to keep it safe.
  • Put a strong Password on It- If you are having the same password on your mobile since the day you bought it, it could mean you still only have a four number passcode. On updated gadgets, mobile now need users to provide a six number passcode, or a series of letters that makes guessing a bit more tough. Should your mobile get lost in the mix, forming a longer, safe passcode will get you a bit of time before whoever steals it up can get into it.
  • Encryption is required- Sending messages, images, and other files via messaging services like Viber, Telegram or WhatsApp means that the information you share will be encrypted. This is one of the top most ways to keep the data on your mobile secure from hackers who can remotely access everything that is present in your mobile device. You may think that you don’t have anything to hide in your chat with friends, but all that shared information leads a hacker to more details about you.
  • Press the button on a Remote Wipe- In case you do lose your mobile permanently, make sure your mobile is set up to perform a remote wipe. It’s an annoyance to lose all your details, but knowing that your personal details is safe worth the loss.
  • Back, Back, Back it up- In order to evade a whole loss of information if you wipe your mobile device, always keep your data backed up to the cloud, a hard drive or both. Whether you use go for the Phone Transfer app for your Android, connect to the cloud, or iTunes account on your computer, regularly backing up your data is the simplest way to store your personal data.
  • Stay Up-to-Date- Hackers are regularly looking for new weakness in mobile operating systems that let them to take advantage of mobile operators. Operating system developers, in turn, head to cover up the latest version of the operating system. Taking the time to update your mobile to the latest operating system will mean that it’s that much safer.
  • Avoid Public Wi-Fi- Public Wi-Fi seems like the most suitable way to avoid data charges when you’re buying some stuff on your mobile device, but linking to risky Wi-Fi could cost you more in the long run. Shopping malls, public transit, and even entire cities offer public Wi-Fi, as an attempt to make the connected world even simpler to access. Though, if it’s simple for you to join, it’s easy for hackers to hack, and you could be hit with a major mobile breach.
  • Install Anti-Malware- After taking all these steps into concern, you should take the extra effort to install anti-malware software onto your mobile. Don’t allow all your hard work to get hacked by allowing hit with a virus when you download a strange file. McAfee Mobile Security will make sure that you have peace-of-mind about files you store on your mobile. Go for McAfee Tech support for any assistance regarding installation and working of McAfee.

You can emphasis on sticking to these simple steps for a safer and more secure mobile. If you do think your mobile has been hacked or your personal security has been attacked, you should be sure to check for doubtful payments on credit cards.