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HP released printer firmware update to block non-HP ink cartridges in September 2016. HP noticed that a large number of HP printer users were using third-party ink cartridges on their HP printers so it released a firmware update for its printers to block non-HP ink cartridges from working in HP printer. HP designed the update when many of the users reported that they are facing issues with ink cartridges.

It was one of the most talked about the issue and hyped news in the media and many big media companies and organizations reported about this issue. Later on, HP published a non-apology week’s letter in which it made an announcement that the company is working on a firmware update to undo the change. HP said that the firmware update may be available in October. Though HP couldn’t make it on promised date, but the time has come and HP has made its firmware updates available for HP printers.

Although, it is not confirmed that this update is available for its complete range of printing device that are using third-party ink cartridges. Users need to test on their own to find it this update is available for their HP printer model or not. To test and verify if the new firmware update can undo non-HP ink cartridge blocking, you may follow the following steps to restore your printer’s functionality again


  • Visit the HP Customer Support site and explore the information for software and driver downloads. It will redirect you to a locale automatically according to device’s IP address. (It will be easy for you if you enter the HP printer model number in the form.)
  • The site will return a list of matching products, there you may or may not find the actual product. It depends on whether the search term resulted in multiple hits or just one.
  • On the same page, scroll down to the firmware section and expand it. There you will see a new firmware release on October 12, 2016.
  • There will be a download link next to firmware, click on it. After clicking on it, you will be asked whether you want to use the HP Download and Install Assistant or download only. Choose the option as per your convenience otherwise download only is just fine because the firmware is available as an executable file and you just need to click on the Run option to install it on the affected HP printer.
  • Once you successfully install the update, non-HP printer ink cartridges should be recognized again. If non-HP printer ink cartridges are recognized, you can use them once again.

To avoid similar issues in the future, it is better to block the automatic installation of new HP printer firmware versions as there is no guarantee that HP will release a firmware update for unblocking non-HP ink cartridges on HP printers. If your HP printers were affected by the old firmware update, and there is any update available, you can download it manually also.

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