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With the increased involvement of technology in professional and home life, all are heading towards an age which is completely dependent on mobiles and computers. Virtual reality is the concept of this age. Everything has been simplified and unified, whether they are digital documents, media or something else. Since there is a lot of information exchanged while working on the computers or mobiles, so there is the scope of vulnerabilities and risks. There is a new risk found for Android phones which is discussed with its causes and effects in this document.

Smartphone can be HackedThere is a bug in Android name “Stagefright” can allow a hacker to access the complete control of your phone just by sending a text message to you. This bug will start attacking the hardware of your device as soon as you received the message on your phone. Cyber thieves can create a short video media and encrypt it with infections before sending it to your phone and if the bug exists, you can’t do much to prevent your Android phone. This may happen even before the message received and opened.

If once the hackers gain access of your phone, they can do anything like fetch your confidential information, financial details with their credentials, your personal audios, videos, pictures, etc. All of this can happen at a drop of hat means before you hear the sound of the message. Hackers can do anything from recording your private conversation using your Android’s microphone to hacking onto your mobile banking app and what not. They can exploit your virtual presence like anything as Android is the most popular and operating system which is the main target of cybercriminals.

There are the ways to stay safe from “Stagefright” chaos. A patch for this bug has been released to keep your device safe and with the next system update, it’ll be sent to you to gear and protect it. But these updates can vary according to the phone models, few manufacturers can roll it quick while others may take some time, or it may be possible that older phones get it for a while or at all. This bug has pushed all the manufacturers and carriers to resolve the problem sooner rather than later.

Till the time you just can hope that hackers remain unknown to this flaw and don’t use this bug for committing cyber crimes. Being a user, you also need to be more protective against intrusive activities of the snoopers. Stay aware what to share and save on online drives because they are the easiest target and it is very tough to detach infected bugs hidden in a media document. Stay updated and informed on new threats arriving in a bulk quantity on a regular basis, because only your concern can save your Android phone and you ultimately from any serious threats.

Natalie Green is an experienced technical content writer. She has done post graduation from a reputed university and likes to write unique and informative article about smart phone security and how to ptotect these devices from virus & hackers attack etc.