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It is the need of the hour today to protect your data because this is an age where you daily hear about data leaks & hacks every now and then.  Security is not only important for smartphones, but also for your PCs and laptops because often people store their important and large files on PCs.  Your PC security is very crucial thing and setting up protection for users cannot guarantee you about the security of the data stored on your devices. For more protection, you can always set up password codes for the protection of folders. Here some concrete ways are given to password protect your files and folders on Windows 10:


Use Folder Guard to Lock Folders on Windows 10


You can also lock folders on Windows 10 using Command Prompt, but it is not a user-friendly method. There are many good tools available to lock your files and folders and it is extremely easy to use them.  Folder Guard is the best out of the lot. So just find out how you can use to make your folders password protected on Windows 10:

  1. Firstly, you need to download and install Folder Guard on your Windows 10 PC. This available in two versions – Free and Paid.
  2. Once the Folder Guard is installed, open it. It will prompt to set a master password that will help you if you forget a folder’s individual password or to uninstall the software.
  3. Once you have set a master password, Click on the “Protect a folder or file“to pick a folder or file to lock then Click “Next”. The good thing about Folder Guard is, it allows you to lock multiple folders & files with different passwords.
  4. Next, you need to set the password for the folder or you have the option to protect a folder or file without a password. You can do this by changing folder’s visibility or blocking its access.
  5. Once you are done, click on the “Protect” button at the top panel of the software. In addition, make sure that you click yes option when you close the application to make sure that you want to continue protection or not.
  6. Then cross check that you did it right or not. Try to open the folder you just protected and it will ask you to “enter your password” to unlock it. Enter the password and the folder will be unlocked.

Important Note: You need to double click on the folder in the Explorer window to unlock a folder by entering the password. If you try to open the folder by creating a shortcut, you will not get access and receive a notification about the denial.

When you close the folder, you will see a prompt asking if you want to leave the folder unlocked or lock it. If you do not see that prompt, open the Windows’ notification tray and right click on the Folder Guard icon and choose “Run”. It will show options to stop folder protection or lock all unlocked folders.

Along with Folder Guard, there are few other cool folder lock software that you may check out:

Easy File Locker


Easy File Locker is a great software to lock folders and files. It gives multiple options to hide a folder, deny any changes, make it inaccessible, and make it undeletable. To set a password in Easy File Locker, you just need to select a file or folder, select among the options of Access, Delete, Write, click “Start Protection”, and Visibility. Once a folder or file is locked, you can only unlock it by entering the right password in the software.

Folder Lock


One decent software is Folder Lock to lock folders, files and even drives. Using this tool you can lock files hid them and if you want to see them, need to put the correct password to unlock them from the software. This utility allows you to create a master password that you will use it every time when you open the software. It does not only lock folders, but also allows to encrypt files, shred files, protect USB drives, clean history and much more.

Encrypt folders

Encrypting folders is Windows 10’s way to secure your folders. Although, it does not add password protection to a folder, but by encrypting it, it ensures that other users cannot access the folder. The folder will be accessible only via your user account and password.

To encrypt a folder, right click on the folder and click on “Properties“. In the General tab, choose Advanced and put a check mark in check Box available along side “Encrypt content to secure data”. Then, click “Ok”, that will apply the encryption attributes to the folder. Once it is done, a lock symbol over your folder’s icon will be shown after that.

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