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We love our children, and we want every facility for them. In today’s innovative world, the role of a parent includes deciding how much to allow technology impact our children live. Occasionally that role involves the option to either disconnect more so our little ones can increase without too much tech authority, or to take advantage of the benefits that smart gadgets provide. Web-connected technology developed particularly for families makes parenting easier in too many ways to count, but not all are designed equally. To clear up the good and the bad, in this blog we rounded up the best family-centric smart home gadgets, their vulnerability, and how to keep them safe.ThinkstockPhotos-487997597_54_990x660

Virtual Devices: Whether you’re already engaged to your Amazon Echo or have been looking for the Google Home, virtual devices have become an integral family member in many homes. Among a broad list of capabilities that continues to expand, these hands-free devices can move slowly the web for random data, read audio books to children before bed, and work as the ultimate kitchen helper by looking for recipes and setting alarms (no more screen smudges!). As these gadgets are connected to your online accounts, web-connected household devices, and more, it’s significant to make sure these devices stay safe.

The Hack: Should your Home or Alexa become compromised, the attacker may be able to gain access to a large part of your vital information. In addition, the “always on” facility listens to and records what you say around the device once initiated, which affects your personal secrecy in the long-run.

Security Gadgets: As a parent, securing the family from whatsoever goes “bang” in the night is the number one priority. Every parent wants to know that our house is safe and that our family is protected from intrusions, as well as virtual ones. The iSmart Home Safety System is just one of the many safety systems that offer intelligent, connected security for your home’s devices, as well as front door locks, alarm systems, and cameras.

The Hack: If an attacker gains access to your safety system, they can use ransomware technology to lock or unlock your house doors, turn off your alarms, or spy through your digital cameras.

Thermostats: In the year 2012, Nest company start selling smart thermostats, and over the past five years, the company has extended their range to contain smoke detectors and security cameras. But, the smart thermostat stays their most popular product, with its skills to learn your family’s schedule patterns and temperature preferences, and adjust accordingly. Nest has continued the household name in smart thermostats however the eco-bee is another gadget with a touch-enabled display and remote-sensor facilities.

The Hack: “White hat” attackers recently made the first code or a smart thermostat ransomware hack that increases the temperature all the way up in your home until you pay a ransom.

Lighting Devices: Like innovative thermostats, connected lighting devices like the Phillips Hue bulbs are a great way to keep an environmentally friendly house. You can control your lights on a timer to be sure that they turn off when you aren’t home, which saves both energy and the money in your wallet. The bulbs connect to various other smart home gadgets, which mean that you can control them on the go from your Google Home or Amazon Echo.

The Hack: An error in smart bulbs can block your bulbs, make them sparkle or turn on every time the hacker sets them to, or build a virus that spreads through nearby bulbs.

With all the gadgets connecting your home to the internet, it’s significant to know you are secured from cyber criminals trying to access your personal data. To stop an attack, protect your home Wi-Fi by designing a safe password and change the predefined password on all of your IoT gadgets. Solutions such as Avira Secure Home available on the market can protect secure devices via your internet router to make sure each internet-connected device is secure. The other benefit of Avira is the service it provides after sale. Avira Tech Support toll-free number is always available in case of an issue faced regarding Avira Antivirus. Keep an eye out this year for gateways that have the Secure Home Platform built in.