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Ransomware is one of the fastest growing malware threats for the PC, phones, and tablet users. The amount of attack of ransomware has increased dreadfully 350 percent in less than a year. This data has been increased from 100,000 in 2015 to 500,000 in 2017. Ransomware is quite hazard because it encrypts and locks files in your PC. It makes your data unusable and asks to pay the hackers in order to return back your files. Hackers are targeting those people or businesses that are not secured or are not using any recovery procedure. Only such victims will be ready to pay ransom to recover their encrypted or lost data.

To eliminate this increasing danger and help people protecting their lost data, several security entities have combined to find out some particular solution. Last week, Intel Security and Eset Lab, in association with Europol’s EC3 and Netherland’s police, launched an initiative called No More Ransom. The website launched is to offer useful data about ransomware and better yet, it may suggest you specific decryption tools to decrypt or unlock your documents without paying the ransom.

ransomwareAt present, these have developed six free decryption software’s and victim can download them to decrypt the files encrypted by Tesla, Chimea, Shade, Rannoh, Rakhni and CoinVault strains of ransomware. Malware always find the sources to attack on your device, so it is suggested to the users that they eliminate the malware infection first with antivirus software before trying to decrypt their files to stop recurrence. These tools will try to unlock the encrypted files using the commonly used digital keys that may be used by these types of ransomware.

These may be helpful to eliminate ransomware, but it is not confirmed that these will be able to help all ransomware victims because all the ransomware keys are known yet. But, according to the Intel Security’s chief technology officer, it is a big step forward because it gives victims an option aside from losing their files or paying the criminals.

No Ransom has a section apart from these decryption tools that permits victims to report ransomware attacks by filling out the particular data of a form with the ransom note left by the hackers. Once the form is filled, security professionals will review the case and tell the user if solutions are present. Links to report a ransomware crime to the particular law enforcement agencies are also provided.

No More Ransom is a site that also has a specific Q&A section that aims answering all common queries about ransomware. Q&A section is a great document from the history of ransomware to latest descriptions of each type. This site also offers users with “Safety Advice” that tells the critical ways of how you can save yourselves from ransomware attacks.

How to protect from Ransomware threat?

The first and initial safety is, always keep a backup of your essential documents. Keeping the two backups is the best way one backup must be on an external device like a USB hard drive, and another backup is a reliable cloud backup service. Also, ensure that after backing up; remove the hard drive from your system to stop it from being infected too. Another alternative way is, to careful with files and links sent to you through email, even if you get them from the people you trust. As hackers may target anyone to spread ransomware and according to security experts the most used ransomware vector now is spread via emails that have malicious attachments and links to fake websites.

Also, confirm that you keep all your software up to date as hackers regularly look for weakness in popular software to exploit. It is like cat-and-mouse chase as developers fix patches frequently to cover any specific bugs or flaws. Hence, it is in your best interest that you regularly update your software if you want to take benefit of the fixes.

Last and the most crucial step is that you have good antivirus software present in your device for powerful protection. Strong antivirus software will not allow the ransomware and any other malware to attack on your PC. It can fix any ransomware and virus before they do any further damage. You can use Eset, antivirus for the safety of your device as it is a reputed antivirus. The other benefit of Eset is it’s after sale service. You can simply contact Eset tech support for any sort of difficulty faced with Eset antivirus.

If your PC has got some kind of virus infection and showing unsuspicious messages due to the presence of obnoxious agents, call the experts to fix your problems and for technical support services.