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You may need to open/forward a port on the router if the firewall installed on your computer is denying to access a program or another computer on the network. With some applications and games, it may be obvious to setup port forwarding or open one or more ports on your home router. Required steps are given below along with additional help and suggestions to troubleshoot the issues that may encounter:

Important Note: To prevent unauthorized access to your home network, ports are often closed on a router so if you open any additional ports on your router, it may bring the risk for the overall security of your network. So before opening port and giving access to any game or application, make sure that it is really important for you. In some cases it may be the firewall program that will be denying you to access a program or computer on a network. So disable the firewall temporarily to make sure that it is not the cause the issue.

You need to determine the local IP address of the computer first to use port forwarding.

Open your router configuration.

Locate the port forwarding settings (often will be in a section such as Applications & Gaming or Port forwarding) once you open the router configuration. If you are facing issues while finding these settings, it is recommended that refer to your router’s documentation or visit the Port forward site for exact steps on your router.

Now you will be at the port forwarding screen.

Single port forwarding

Important Note: Port forward screen may vary according to your router. All the steps and instructions discussed in this document are for general reference so there may be variations in terminologies and on screen window.

With single port forwarding, you will have different fields that should be completed carefully.

On the page where you are forwarding the port, the Application Name will be given along with the name describing which port you are about to open. Your router page may give you options like drop-down menus and empty boxes from where you select or write the port name to open it. If you want to open a common port like FTP, you need to enable it. In most cases, to allow a program to access a port, you need to type the name of the program.

support for router

Support for Router

Next may be the Externet Port and Internet Port. To open the ports, you need to enter the port in the required fields.

Next port may be for the Protocol either of the two TCP and UDP. If you are not sure which exact protocol is needed, use Both. If your router screen doesn’t have a both option, you may create two open ports for both TCP and UDP.

Next port may be for IP address. You need to type port number box given along side of the IP address of the computer or networking device on which you want to forward the port.

Verify if you that all the correct values have been configured and save changes by implementing required action.

Port Range Forwarding

It is also possible to forward a range of ports. For example, if your game or program needs a range of ports, your router will be having a Port Range forwarding section. In this section also, you need to follow the same instructions as mentioned above. Here the only difference is, instead of entering an individual port; you need to enter the starting and ending port number.


If you are still encountering issues with another application seeing your computer or computer after enabling port forwarding, it may be necessary to enable DMZ (demilitarized zone).  Often this setting is in the same area of the router configuration and you need to change it from disabled to enabled.

Check if an outside network can see the new port

There are many tools and programs which can check out if your new opened port can be seen.

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