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Ransomware is malicious software that blocks your computer or alters the files stored in it. It then asks for a ransom to let restore the lost files or the data back in the system. What’s worse, file once encrypted by a ransomware cannot be decrypted without paying the money. To end up, ransomware is like an infection that cannot be treated or cured once it has entered your system. Nasty stuff, really. If you are the little bit smart and aware of the latest technologies, there is no need to pay ransom to them.

Reasons Not to Pay any Ransom

1.) You’re Negotiating with Corrupt One

Developers of ransomware lead a corrupt life of extorting ransom from their targets. To your knowledge, the attacker might just disappear as soon as you pay the ransom, without giving out any information on getting your data back. Do not expect a fair deal with the hackers.

2.) Payment Increases Their Confidence

Paying ransom to hackers only boosts their confidence. The money that you pay would not only authorize them to attack other businesses and individuals, but the entire condition acts as a strong inspiration for other cyber criminals to join them.

3.) Ransom is connected to other Crimes too

Extortion, in any form it may be in otherwise or digital, attracts in real money for offenders. The chances of this ransom money to be used in developing more malware or ransomware is quite high. In fact, this very money can further go down into spreading drug smuggling, trading, organized crimes, etc. Crime has no end, it goes deep and deep.

4.) Chances of Getting Attacked again are high

If you pay them one time, it won’t take them more time to check out that you will pay them again. And it is most likely that they will ask you with a higher price. And why not? The data of yours is vital and they know that too. Once you have made the deal with them, they will come to know that you will again repeat that.

5.) You’ll be considered as a Soft Target

Hackers also have a social life, not only the criminal life. They will exchange the relevant information about their target. In this case – who paid the money and who didn’t. The one who is marked as the person who made the deal… then others will also try to target you as their cash buddy.

 Important Steps to Stay Away From Hackers

  • Apply all suggested security versions for your system Operating System and other programs such as Java, Adobe, Internet Browsers, Search engines etc.
  • Do not click on any links or download files that arrive in emails from unexpected or unwanted sources. Even if such e-mails from a known person, it is better to call up the person and verify them first.
  • Use reliable antivirus software that can stop infected websites, e-mail sand block infections that can spread through the USB drives. Make sure you have up-to-date software


It can be very tough to restart your system after a ransomware attack – particularly if it’s attacked by encryption ransomware.

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