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Windows is most popular operating system since decades and the reason of its popularity lies in compatibility and feasibility according to user’s demands. As Microsoft is working on the next version of Windows, here you can get the brief preview about features and functionality of Windows 10. Below step by step description of installing this new version is available for the end user.

Keep in mind; you should not install Windows 10 on your primary PC, just use a virtual machine or a test computer.

Step1: Simply join the Windows Insider program and download the Windows 10 ISO image.

Step2: At this point, if you are installing on a regular computer, burn it to an optical disk or make a bootable flash drive. If not, then attach the ISO image by using the virtual machine software according to your choice.

Step3: Install it by taping the “Next Button”.

For reliability, here are all install ion steps, so that you need to remember the word ‘Next’ and get through it superb.

When you boost the PC you will view a screen like this:

Install Windows 10-1

After that, just tap Next and you will be taken to the install now button.

Install Windows 10-2

Now you can select whether you want to customize Windows or install a new custom install. Since we are suggesting that everyone install on a test PC or into a virtual machine, you should choose ‘Custom’ here.

Install Windows 10-3

After that, you will need to adopt where to install Windows 10. You might need to generate or delete a partition, and click next if you are using a virtual machine.

Install Windows 10-4

At this point, it will install.

Install Windows 10-5

Once the computer reboots again, you have to choose the settings as Windows updates are enabled. You can only select the express settings.

Install Windows 10-6

Now you need to sign into your Microsoft account, otherwise you won’t be able to use half of the new features.

Install Windows 10-7

If you have setup your account in well manner way, then you will possibly be asked to verify in it immediately.

Install Windows 10-8

And now you will be asked how to set up the personal computer. So set up this as a new PC instead, you could copy all settings from another PC if you wanted to.

Install Windows 10-9

Want to use OneDrive? It is well integrated into Windows already, so left it.

Install Windows 10-10

After installation a colorful screen will appear which will tell you what else you can get from the store.

Install Windows 10-11

And finally, you are at the Windows 10 desktop.

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