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You may face diverse issues while installing Windows 8.1/Windows RT 8.1 updates. Here are a few steps suggested to fix your problem;

You should try to install the update again manually

There are a few issues which are just a matter of bad timing like it may be possible that you have a slow Internet connection, at that particular time the site was very busy, and many other factors. Sometimes installing update issues can be just fixed by just trying to install the update again.

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To know the reason of the issue, please verify some points discussed below:

  • Did you accept the terms and conditions of Microsoft Software License?

If you haven’t accepted the terms, install windows 8.1 update again and accept the license terms for successful installation.

To accept the license terms

  • Make sure that there is enough free space on your PC?

To install Windows update, you need enough space on your system and if space is not enough, you need to release some room on your drive by deleting temporary and copied files, deleting those programs that you don’t use, delete temporary Internet files, permanently delete the items of Recycle Bin, etc. Once you release some room, try to install updates again. But before deleting anything, check the amount of space available on your drive and how much you need and what you can delete. Windows includes the Disk Cleanup tool that you can use to free up space.

  • To open Disk Cleanup from the desktop, move the cursor to the right edge of the screen and click on the option setting at the bottom side. Now click on the Control Panel, type Admin in the Search box, then click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Disk Cleanup.
  • If you lost your Internet connection or stop the installation process

If you stop the installation process or lost the Internet connection in between, check for updates to install the again that were canceled or interrupted when you’re back online.

  • If you missed the chance of installing a driver update

If the devices drivers of devices like video cards are not updated, they may cause occasional errors, because the file you’re downloading may not be the right file for Windows Operating System or it may be damaged. So Windows 8.1 Update should provide the most up-to-date drivers for your Windows operating system to avoid issues. However, if there is any issue while installing device drivers from Windows Update, you need to contact the manufacturer of the device.

If you don’t know what updates have been installed

Windows Update has an update history so here you can check everything about update like which updates were installed and when.

Follow the steps to view your update history

  • Swipe the right edge of the screen to open Windows Update (or, if you’re using a mouse, pointing the cursor to the lower-right corner of the screen and moving the mouse pointer up), tapping or clicking Settings, then Change PC settings, and Update and recovery.
  • Tap or click View your update history.

If Windows keeps on offering an update and you don’t want or removed them earlier

You can hide the update, and choose to restore it again when you want. If you hide then Windows Update, it won’t offer you again unless you want

Important Note: It’s recommend that you don’t hide any important updates.

To hide an update

  1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen or point the cursor to the lower-right corner of the screen if you’re using mouse, and then tap/click Search.
  2. In the search box, enter Hide or unhide updates, and then tap or click Hide or unhide updates.
  3. Now apply one of the following:

– If you have any important updates, click the link which points out about that the important updates are available.

– If you have any optional updates, click the link which points out about optional updates are available.

  1. Choose any update which you want to hide, right-click or press and hold it, and then click or tap Hide update.