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The developmental nature of Chrome acts as a purity filtration system with bugs, quirks as regressions. Fortunately, Google is capable to control the quality of their browser they are unable to control the quality of the websites that arrive in it, the system it runs on and tech users who used it. When you faced next problems with Chrome, then one of the following tips will help you out.


Reopen a Tab after Closing It

Almost all users will accidentally close a browser tab without meaning to. The next time you a close tab by mistake and can get it back in a flash player by clicking Ctrl + Shift + T or Cmd + Shift +T.

Restore Tabs after a Crash or Accident Exit

Sometimes, you work like a trooper with multiple open tabs and productivity in full-flow. Instantly, in the blink of your eye, it is all gone. Regardless the reason, Google has made it simple to restore tabs when re-opening Chrome.

To recover tabs after quit or a crash, you need to follow these three steps:

  1. Press the Hotdog icon in the upper right corner
  2. Mouse over the ‘Recent Tabs’ item
  3. Click the’{num} Tabs’ entry in the fold out menu

Kill an Unresponsive Page in Chrome

Like the rogue webpage starts tucking your valuable RAM and CPU cycles with an order of battery juice. Here your frustration levels rise! Chrome is clever; it runs every tab as a single process. This means when one tab crashes then rest remain safe. You need to follow below mentioned steps:

  1. Click the Hotdog icon
  2. Mouse over the “Tools “entry
  3. Choose the ‘Task Manager” entry
  4. Press the tab/extension at fault
  5. Click the “End Process” button

Fix a Corrupt Chrome Profile

You can follow this guide to put it correct:

  1. Tap the Hotdog icon
  2. Press “Signed in as…”
  3. Search and delete your profile though “Users” selection
  4. Quit and reopen Chrome

If you have Chrome Sync then you can get all favorite extensions, apps and bookmarks with your Google Account.

Wipe the Slate Clean: Reset Google Chrome

Google has an in-built reset feature that will immediately wipe away everything. With few clicks, all add-ons and apps are removed while homepages and New Tab are reset to their default values.

When resetting your profile doesn’t work, then this will:-

  1. Press the Hotdog icon
  2. Choose “Settings”
  3. Tap “Show advanced settings”
  4. Search the selection titled “Reset browser settings”

In the window prompt that arrive press “Reset”.

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