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Are you not capable of booting your Microsoft Windows 10 computer, after upgrading from Windows XP? Do you come across error message while surfing your Microsoft Windows 10 hard drive? Windows 10 has an extensive set of facilities, but it also has a variety of compatibility problems with the external devices like the hard disk that are supported or compatible with Windows XP. Such problems may make your hard drive difficult to get to and lead to serious data loss. In such conditions, hard disk recovery comes to your help.b459ea48-218c-432c-be4d-40f2f12dadeb

In a practical situation, you may face any of the below error messages, when you try to start your Microsoft Windows 10 computer:

  • Windows cannot compatible with the hardware as its service key details in the registry are missing or saved wrongly.
  • Windows has stopped this device as it has reported issues.
  • Windows cannot gain authority to this hardware device as the operating system is in the method of shutting down.

After any of the above issues, your PC hard disk may turn into inaccessible or the PC may not boot up correctly. In order to get your data back in proper conditions, you need to find out the major reason for this issue and do disk data recovery by finding it out.

Major reason of the problem

This issue may take place because of a plenty of causes, which comprise:

  • Data in service subkey of the Windows 10 registry, for the device driver, is unacceptable. It may stop the operating system from contacting the hard disk.
  • The device is measured as failed or logically harmed by any of the device drivers that is controlling the device.
  • The device is unavailable as PC is shutting down.


You can perform any of the below mentioned to fix the problem:

  • Uninstall and then reinstall the device drivers.
  • Clean Windows registry.
  • Format the hard drive and reinstall the Operating System.

Still, hard disk formatting is the best way for all such problems it also eliminates all the data from hard drive and causes serious data loss. Windows Disk Recovery application comes to your help in such situations.

These are advanced and powerful disk partition recovery software, which are capable of systematically scanning entire hard drive and extracting lost data from it. They have a simple graphical user interface and read-only behavior to offer easy and safe recovery. This is a simple way to fix the Device Manager.

How to deal with Stop 0x00000024 Error?

Is your Microsoft Windows 10 operating system-based PC is not booting properly? Are you not able to access your valuable data from Microsoft Windows 10 hard disk? This action reflects damaged, unusable system files, missing file system, or drive files of NTFS file device. In all such situations, your data becomes inaccessible and severe data loss situations happen. To get your business related data recovered in these situations, Windows Recovery is the only way to go.

As a practical example, you may face any of the below-mentioned error messages when you try to boot Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System-based PC:

“Stop 0x00000024”



After any of the two error messages, your PC declines refuses to boot and you cannot log into the drive to surf stored data. In order to gain authority of stored data, find out the reason of this problem and carry out Windows Data Recovery by fixing it.

Reasons of the issue:

This awkward situation may arise due to damaged, unreadable or missing, ntfs.sys file. It is a driver file from NTFS file system that permits your system to read data from and write data to the NTFS partitions. The operating system cannot do any read/write operations on NTFS partition after any issue with this file.

This issue may also happen due to damaged Windows hard drive portions, corrupt NTFS file system, or corrupted IDE or SCSI drives.


Try following methods to work around this issue:

  • Block the anti-virus scanning applications, data backup tools, and disk defragmenter utilities, which regularly monitor your PC.
  • Run hardware diagnostics software that is supplied by the PC manufacturer, if possible.
  • Run the Chk/Dsk /r utility for finding and fixing structural harm to the file system.
  • Enhance the size of RAM (Random Access Memory) if you are using depletion of the non-paged pool memory.

If hard drive portions and damaged file system are causing this issue, above steps cannot help you fix it. In such situations, you have to format the hard disk and reinstall Operating System. But, this method eliminates all the data from hard disk. In such situations, Windows Data Recovery becomes important.

Recovery is best done using Windows Data Recovery Software. These are strong third-party tools that periodically scan the affected drive and gather all lost data from it. They ensure fast, safe, and easy recovery in all situations of Windows data loss.

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