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Computer is one of the biggest inventions of the era and it has unlimited uses because of its multi-task-ability. So every computer users want to make the most out of his computing device. But to make the most out of your computer, users need to keep them updated, clean, and secure. Along with that the running applications and supporting drivers also play an important role to make the computer better performing.


Usually the problem like computer freezes and crash occur due to corrupt or outdated drivers. But sometimes latest drivers may also cause issues. Here only problems related to one driver are focused, i.e. graphics driver. Sometimes, while you are updating graphics driver, the display stutters and freezes. This may be the case with the external or on board card. When the display stutters and freezes often your computer restarts, but relax it’s not a big issue if you know how to handle it.

A virus infection or malware may be a reason of this problem. Any existing infection corrupts the files of a newly installed graphic driver which in turn reflects errors and dumps graphical memory on your hard disk that causes the immediate restart.

But users can fix graphic driver problem. One of the options is installing the graphics driver again obviously, but it becomes complicated for many of the users because sometimes the system immediately freezes up and the restart is followed by infamous blue-screen error. So below, some steps are given, just follow them and you’ll have your computer work well once again:-

  1. Firstly, press up the power button on your CPU in case of desktop and power button of your laptop and press F8 (function key) key from the very beginning unless a screen comes up with various options to start your computer.
  2. Choose the option, ‘start your computers in safe mode’.
  3. The earlier step will take you to a screen that shows the process of the loading of the core drivers (only those drivers that are necessary for making your system function).
  4. You’ll see SAFE MODE in the four corners of the screen when your computer finally head for the main screen. That tells you that you are working in safe mode.
  5. Previous step will not load the latest graphic driver that you have installed earlier and your computer will not freeze and restart now. In fact, a basic VGA display driver will be loaded that was stored in the operating system.
  6. Now you need to uninstall graphics driver and replace it with a latest version (from the respective website) or previous version of the driver.
  7. Open Control Panel and click on the Programs and features options (on vista OS), scroll down until you find the installed driver.
  8. It’s easy to figure out the driver because the driver name includes the name of the graphic card manufacturer or vendor that is fitted in your system.
  9. Right click on it and click to ‘uninstall’. Further go with the on-screen instructions to uninstall the driver.
  10. Now restart the computer. Don’t press F8 key this time or you’ll end up with the options screen once again. If so, then choose the option that says, ‘start my system normally’.
  11. As your latest graphics driver will be uninstalled, your computer’s screen resolution will be changed and the graphical effects automatically will be turned off. But as soon as you install the driver again, they will be restored automatically.
  12. For the safety purpose and avoid further issues, scan your system for viruses and malware before you install the new driver once again.

13. Also make sure that you don’t install the same driver again that is causing problems with your system, because that driver may cause problems again and you have to follow the same process once again.