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Many of you may not be so tech savvy and will not be aware of the scam that hackers and cybercriminals perform by trading on the vulnerabilities of a computer or mobile user.  Many users have complained that they had unpleasant experience while shopping online. People are reporting that they haven’t received their orders even after making payments and when they tried to communicate through call and email, nobody answered them.


If you are also trapped in such situations, it is obviously a scam. Scammers often find one or another way to lure online users to pay for the deals that they show while you visit something online or explore shopping websites. They track your online activities and record them you send you your interest specific contents. It is always easy for the intruders, hackers, and scammers to befool untrained eye to discern a scam site.

This article includes a few tricks that will help you in determining genuineness of a site at face value:

Search the URL and description

To search what a web page has on its landing page and about what it is, enter its URL in any search engine like Google, Bing, etc. and see what it description says. If it will be a scan site, all the content that you see on it online will be stuffed with too many keywords in order to make its place amongst the top contender in the search engine rankings. If the site doesn’t have a proper description about itself  and there are so many grammatical mistakes in the sentences written over there, it may a signal that it is a scam site. If you find such stuff, take a closer look at it.

Search the pictures

Just put the URL in the address bar or type your keyword in the search box and hit enter. Click on the images to see what results it shows to know if it is a scam site or not. It is an effective trick to weed out scam websites. Save a few of images ad search them again by dragging and dropping them onto the search bar.  Doing so will let you know which website has used that image. If you find the same image on many different domains with the same description it may be scam. This trick will also help you in detecting the fake profiles on social media.

Check facebook

User should not trust the online offers without verifying their authenticity as most of the scam websites link their spam link on facebook. To check if it is a spam link check with Google query like the following: site:facebook.com intext:suspicious.com

This will help you in finding a spam in a flash. If there are lots of posts advertising offers typically stuffed with keywords don’t click on them as they may be malicious or scam links. One more thing you need to remember, more clicks and followers doesn’t give you assurance of being genuine.

  1. Misspelled Words

It is a big warning sign if you see misspelled words or broken English. It has been observed that most of the phishing sites have poor English and Grammar and most of the people ignore this aspect. Like the sites, not all deals are authentic. Read the product description to verify its authenticity.

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