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Connection without wires has simplified the complex connectivity of the devices, but at the same time you are compromising with the speed of them, which you can achieve more in the case of wired connections. Achieving the increased speed of your wireless network is a baffling practice till the time you think that speed and coverage are only two major concerns. These two collectively are prime performance issues and if you want to achieve both be as robust as you can. There are various factors which can affect your wireless performance like distance, clutters, number of IPs connected, etc.

How to Extend Your Wireless Network Capabilities

If the distance of your wireless router is far away from your computer, it’ll certainly impede the performance. Also, if your work location is not well structured like to reach the device, it has to hop from various corners’ it hampers the performance, so place the device at the height and the place where it remains in the sight of the computer.

Clutters in the path of the signal can be another reason for the poor performance of your wireless router. If you’re living in an apartment in a tall building where various routers are placed, it may be possible that those multiple routers inundate your own network route. Even physical objects like hair dryer, washing machine and furnace are in the way of your router and device it won’t work out efficiently.

Another reason may be the software you are working with. if you haven’t installed firmwares’ updates you’ll find that there is a decrease in signal strength and speed. Just like other digital gadgets, this hardware also needs an update to perform better.

There are some of the reasons which can be the major factors behind the poor performance of your device, but they all can be avoided with the corrective actions. With the advance technologies, you have various ways to extend the strength of the signal. For that you just need to shift the device from its existing location or change its position and settings, etc. it’s only a matter of investment of time and interest.

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